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These are character flaws that use rules in Unearthed Arcana. It is recommended that one reads these rules and familiarizes themselves with them before using any flaws in a campaign.

If you have an idea for a flaw that does not follow these guidelines, consider adding it to 100 Character Compulsions.


Flaws without any improving, reviewing, or removing templates present.
Flaw Prerequisites Summary
Alcoholic You need to drink to get through the day.
Amputee Your race must have a functional version of the selected limb. You are missing a limb.
Anxious You have learned to speak quietly or been shown that speaking louder will get you into trouble.
Asthmatic Afflicted with a respiratory condition marked by spasms in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing.
Aurophilia Find a penny, pick it up. Find gold, give it to me now!
Blind, Partially Your race must have functional eyes. You're as blind as a bat.
Blind Your race must have functional eyes. You are blind.
Branded Most people with brands are either slaves,criminals or untrustworthy individuals such as a military deserter. Brands are places usually the head or other places hard to cover, however

these brands are placed on magically and glow violently when talking to another person, making it obvious even when covered.

Brittle Bones You can feel things in your bones, and not in a good way.
Callous Variant You are insensitive to others' feelings, sometimes outright trampling them without notice.
Chivalrous Whether due to a vow or natural inclination, you do not fight women.
Clumsiness Your race must have functional eyes and limbs. You have terrible coordination between your eyes and limbs.
Cold-Blooded You where raised in the arctic an cannot tolerate heat.
Combustible In short, when the material that you are comprised is exposed to a very high temperature it violently combusts in the form of a dramatic explosion. You have learned to like rather cool places as a result.
Command Word Must have living construct or construct type. You have a secret command word, known to yourself and your creator, that forces you do the bidding of whomever speaks it.
Compulsive Liar You're addicted to the thrill that deceiving others gives you
Corruptible Any non-good alignment The character is easily led astray, even to the potentially fatal detriment of other party members.
Coward Must not be immune to fear. You are susceptible to fear.
Cubic Vision Cannot be Blind Your character's world is made of cubes, round things disturb him/her
Deaf Your race must have functional ears or equivalent organs You cannot hear.
Deep Scar You have suffered a deep wound somewhere on your body that prohibits you from partaking in greatly strenuous activities.
Ditzy You demonstrate a measure of airheadedness that can make even saints lose patience.
Dyslexia You must be literate. Although you learned to read and write, reading can be difficult, and writing is commonly misspelled. This has affected you throughout your life.
Easily Distracted "Where'd the other shipment of dru...OOH A BUTTERFLY!!"
Family Curse Someone in the your family did something to earn the vengeful curse that has been placed on you all.
Fear of Magic You find magic incredibly frightening.
Fear of Nobility & Royalty You have a fear nobles and royals and are scared in while in their presence.
Fearless Your courage and overconfidence are extreme to the point of foolhardiness.
Forlorn of Men You are uncomfortable in the presence of humanoids.
Ghastly Appearance The strange and revolting deformities you possess make it hard for you to find acceptance in most societies.
Gullible You believe things, no matter how far fetched they seem.
Haemophilia Must have a Constitution score Your blood does not form clots normally.
Haunted Boo!
Hemeralopia Must not be a race that already has light sensitivity, and must not have the daylight adaptation feat You cannot see in bright light.
High Metabolism Must be a race that requires eating regularly You burn calories at a greater rate than average, though you gain no additional weight from such consumption.
Honest You cannot lie, and are disturbed when others do so.
Honorable Fighter You do not like fighting opponents who are armed with lesser weapons.
Hot-Blooded You were raised in the desert and cannot tolerate cold.
Hunted You have enemies who will stop at nothing to find you, enemies to whom you are vulnerable.
Hypochondriasis You are constantly worried of becoming sick and every bodily function is heavily scrutinized.
Impatient You find it simply unbearable to wait any longer than necessary.
Incompetent This person can't be trusted to do any thing, save sabotaging the enemy. This character can never get it right. If they ordered soup, he gives them salad.
Informal Training Though you learned the basics of fighting, you lack the skill and flexibility to apply your techniques properly in battle. When faced with a situation you didn't train for, you don't know what to do.
It's Inhabitants Kind Why Bonewheels? Of all the creatures...
Loud You are loud in some fashion: Perhaps you can't help but speak your thoughts aloud, or maybe you are heavy-footed.
Love of Nature You do not wish harm upon any natural creature
Lovestruck You love someone with your whole heart and it shows when they're not around.
Magic Corrupting Touch You corrupt magical items that you touch.
Magical Mania Ability to cast arcane spells You are particularly touched by the arcane to the point of it shaking your mind.
Magnetic You must be wholly or partially made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron or steel. You are very attractive, but not in the way you might have hoped.
Malformed Vocal Cords Must be able to cast spells. Must have a breath weapon. In gaining the breath weapon, somehow your vocal cords were altered so that you speak exclusively in draconic.
Masochist You are incapable of spending a day without having pain inflicted upon you from another creature.
Merciful Good alignment Many times you don't have it in your heart to kill.
Motion sickness You have a hard time getting around, on anything else but your feet
Music Lover You absolutely love to listen to music
Mute Must be a race that can speak intelligently You no longer have the capability to speak.
Narcissistic Your devotion to your own beauty tends to be distracting.
Narcolepsy You have difficulty staying awake.
Near Sighted Character finds it hard to see things at greater distances.
Night Blindness Must have eyes. Cannot have darkvision or low-light vision. Your night vision is horrible due to a birth defect.
Nyctalopia Must have functional eyes. You cannot see in the dark.
Obese Dexterity 13 or lower Let's just say you enjoy a good feast. Ten times a day.
One-Armed Must have functional arms. You spent so much time working on one arm's strength that your other arm has suffered from lack-of-use.
Painful Aberrant Mark Aberrant Dragonmark(ECS) Your aberrant mark is especially painful to use.
Petit Mal Seizures You have a neurological disorder than can be quite the interruption.
Phobia You are afraid of something.
Poor Saves Bad things happen to you: it's rather unfortunate.
Reincarnated Misfortune Must have been affected by Reincarnate, or some other means of reincarnation Things in this life remind you of things from your last, and these things make you sad.
Short Attention Span Your mind always switches from one thought to the other and it messes up your foc... oh look a penny!
Short Temper You get enraged easily, going berserk whenever you suffer damage.
Skinny Dipper You like to swim with no clothes on.
Stiff Your joints are not very flexible.
Substance Addiction You are physically or mentally dependent on some kind of addictive substance.
Sunblind You have difficulty functioning in direct sunlight due to your sensitive eyes.
Surgical Scars 3 or more grafts that have been removed. The removal of many grafts has left your body weakened and scared.
Terrible Tumbler Kids roll down hills gracefully; you flail like a dying fish.
Tourette syndrome Your character has Tourette syndrome.
Traplover If you see a Trap you have the urge to set it off.
Uncontrollable Phasing You must exist as a physical form. You will, from time to time, randomly disappear from existence for a short period of time. You then, after a certain amount of time, phase back into existence with no memory of anything that had happened in the time of your disappearance.
Uncontrollable Spell Resistance Spell Resistance You have no control over your Spell Resistance
Unfocused You cannot concentrate on anything for too long.
Unlucky You seem to always fall short at the worst possible moment, right when it matters most.
Unready You are never ready for combat.
Unusually Formed Body Humanoid There are parts of your body that are different from most other humanoids.
Urbanite While you may have travelled extensively at some point in your life, you always feel more at home in a large town or city. Wilderness life simply isn't for you.
Weak Stomach You simply cannot hold food and drink down, resulting in a frail, often malnourished character.
Weakened Power Your lifeblood is greatly weakened.
Flaws that are part of April Fools, and are without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.
Flaws associated with specific supplements that may not be suitable for all campaigns.
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