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These are character flaws that use rules in Unearthed Arcana. It is recommended that one reads these rules and familiarizes themselves with them before using any flaws in a campaign.

If you have an idea for a flaw that does not follow these guidelines, consider adding it to 100 Character Compulsions.

Flaw Prerequisites Summary
Amputee Your race must have a functional version of the selected limb. You are missing a limb.
Asthmatic Afflicted with a respiratory condition marked by spasms in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing.
Aurophilia Find a penny, pick it up. Find gold, give it to me now!
Bad Seed It's hard to be good when you're tainted by evil.
Beastial Instinct You prefer to meet your foes so close that you can smell their blood.
Berry Picker You only eat what you prepare for yourself.
Binding Contract You have been cursed by a powerful deity to be bound to a specific item. This item could be a stone, amulet, or perhaps an actual piece of paper, but it must be portable.
Blind, Partially You're as blind as a bat.
Blind You are blind.
Callous Unaware of social cues and minor personal boundaries.
Chivalrous Whether due to a vow or natural inclination, you do not fight women.
Chronic Disease (Choose from a list) A chronic disease afflicts you.
Chummy You prefer being part of a group/team/pack
Clinically Depressed Robot You are a construct that has an intense depression beyond that of any human, because you have an intelligence beyond that of any human.
Cold-Blooded You where raised in the arctic an cannot tolerate heat.
Command Word You have a secret command word...
Compulsive Killer When somebody pisses you off, they are going to die before the night is done.
Corruptible The character is easily led astray, even to the potentially fatal detriment of other party members.
Coward Must not be immune to fear. You are susceptible to fear.
Cubic Vision Your character's world is made of cubes, round things disturb him/her
Curse of the Wild The lycanthropic affliction that runs through your veins is so potent that you can barely control your changes even at the best of times, but in turn, it proves easier to assume your much more savage form on whim.
Dark Premonition You see disturbing prophecies in your sleep, often resulting in emotional weakness.
Deadly Strength No matter what your character's intentions are, your attacks always cause lethal damage... even with your fists.
Deaf Your hearing is much worse than normal.
Deep Scar You have suffered a deep magical wound somewhere on your body that prohibits you from partaking in greatly strenuous activities.
Dense Although ordinary in size, you are much heavier than most of your kind.
Detached You are socially and/or emotionally aloof most of the time, probably because of some personal matter from your past that nags at your thoughts.
Directionless You have no sense of direction, you cannot get anywhere without the help of a map and compass, or someone else. Directions are useless to you. Even setting out more than 5 feet you become obliviously lost.
Disorganized You are disorganized and clutter seems to follow you where ever you go.
Ditzy You live in a world of your own.
Dwarfism You are very short.
Dyslexia Although you learned to read and write, reading can be difficult, and writing is commonly misspelled.
Esophilic Esophagitis The inability to hold down your food, and a resulting frail character.
Exhibitionist A character with this flaw suffers the compulsive need to remove all of his equipment whenever encountering new creatures. The more creatures around, the stronger the compulsion, however the presence of young offspring of the creatures lessens this effect.
Family Curse Someone in the your family did something to inflict a death curse upon their entire family, example-The PC's grandfather was a powerful paladin who was cursed by an evil wizard as he struck him down.
Fear of Magic You find magic incredibly frightening.
Fear of Starvation
Fearless Your courage and overconfidence are extreme to the point of foolhardiness.
Forlorn of Men You are uncomfortable in the presence of humanoids.
Gossip Secrets Your character seems to be physically incapable of keeping a secret for very long, at least without showing extreme discomfort.
Gullible You believe things, no matter how far fetched they seem.
Haemophilia Constitution score Your blood does not form clots normally.
Haunted Boo!
Hauntings of the Past You have disturbing Dreams, often reliving past events, often resulting in emotional weakness.
Hemeralopia You cannot see in daylight.
High Functioning Alcoholic Addiction to drinking, but still capable of functioning.
High Metabolism You burn calories at a greater rate than average, though you gain no additional weight from such consumption.
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia You have an irrational fear of "big words" (usually words with seven or more syllables, or words that have a lengthy spelling (Constantinople, for instance)).
Hollow Bones You can feel things in your bones, and not in a good way.
Honest You cannot lie, and are disturbed when others do so.
Honorable Fighter You do not like fighting opponents who are armed with lesser weapons.
Hot-Blooded You were raised in the desert and cannot tolerate cold.
Hunted You have enemies who will stop at nothing to find you, enemies to whom you are vulnerable.
Hypochondriasis Fear of having a serious illness. Characters with this flaw are constantly worried of becoming sick and every bodily function is heavily scrutinized.
Illiteracy Not a class or race that is already illiterate.
Impatient You take a -4 penalty to all Move Silently and Hide checks and can not defer or delay actions.
Incompetent This person can't be trusted to do any thing, save sabotaging the enemy. This character can never get it right. If they ordered soup, he gives them salad.
Insomnia (2.5e Flaw)
Jumpy You nervously and excessively flinch whenever you are touched.
Laziness You are just lazy. You would much rather sleep or eat your life away then go on some stupid adventure.
Long-Term Addiction
Loud You are loud in some fashion: Perhaps you can't help but speak your thoughts aloud, or maybe you are heavy-footed.
Love of Nature You do not wish harm upon any natural creature
Love the cloud Explosions everywhere. Gunfire or bombs .... flasks or rockets they are all so beautiful
Lovestruck You love someone with your whole heart and it shows when they're not around.
Low Pain Threshold
Magic Corrupting Touch You corrupt magical items that you touch.
Magical Hydrophobia
Magical Mania
Magnetic You become magnetic. Everything metal that comes within 5 sq ft of you attracts to you.
Malformed Vocal Cords In gaining the breath weapon, somehow your vocal cords were altered so that you speak in Draconic only and are hard to understand.
Merciful Good alignment Many times you don't have it in your heart to kill.
Moe Weakness You have a strong interest in particular types of characters.
Motion sickness You have a hard time getting around, on anything else but your feet
Music Lover You absolutely love to listen to music
Narcissistic Your devotion to your own beauty tends to be distracting.
Narcolepsy You randomly fall asleep.
Near Sighted Character finds it hard to see things at greater distances.
Necrophilia You become aroused by the dead.
Night Blindness
Nocturnal Enuresis
Nyctalopia You cannot see in the dark.
Obese Let's just say you enjoy a good feast. Ten times a day.
Obsessive Compulsive
One-Armed You spent so much time working on one arm's strength that your other arm has suffered from lack-of-use.
Overprotective Your devotion to another can be more problematic than helpful.
Painful Aberrant Mark Your aberrant mark is especially painful to use.
Phobia You are afraid of something.
Pokemon Syndrome You suffer from a syndrome that affects your mind. When speaking, the only word you can say is your name.
Poor Saves Bad things happen to you: it's rather unfortunate.
Possessed You are possessed by an extra-planar entity
Pride No matter the odds, you refuse to retreat from battle due to your overwhelming pride and honor.
Rabbit Phobia
Rage Against the Unliving The defiance to natural order the undead bring with them cause you to fly into an feral rampage.
Reincarnated Misfortune Things in this life remind you of things from your last, and these things make you sad.
Short Attention Span
Short Temper You get enraged easily, going berserk whenever you suffer damage.
Skinny Dipper You like to swim with no clothes on.
Stiff Your joints are not very flexible.
Substance Addiction You are physically or mentally dependent on some kind of addictive substance.
Sunblind You have difficulty functioning in direct sunlight due to your sensitive eyes.
Tame Spirit Something about your being is civil to its core, and despite your lycanthropic affliction, you manage to hold some greater semblance of control.
Terrible Tumbler Kids roll down hills gracefully; you flail like a dying fish.
The Game You are playing the Game; the point of this game is to not remember you are playing it, or you lose.
The lovespot The wrath of fea is not an easy thing to live with. Many find themselves affected somehow. One such way is a Lovespot. A small mark on the face that will often go unnoticed by the bearer but has the supernatural property of love and lust.
Tourette syndrome Your character has Tourette syndrome.
Traplover If you see a Trap you have the urge to set it off.
Tsundere You're character is a Tsundere, meaning they rapidlly change between being nice and sweet and harsh and tough...b-b-but it's not like I'm telling you this because I like you or something. Baka.
Twitchy, Spasm Your limbs twitch periodically.
Uncontrollable Spell Resistance You have no control over your Spell Resistance
Unfocused You cannot concentrate on anything for too long.
Unlucky You seem to always fall short at the worst possible moment, right when it matters most.
Unready You are never ready for combat.
Unusually Formed Body There are parts of your body that are different from most other humanoids.
Urbanite While you may have travelled extensively at some point in your life, you always feel more at home in a large town or city. Wilderness life simply isn't for you.
Vow of Silence You have vowed never to speak again.
Weak Mind You have a weak mind, and can't resist mental attacks or afflictions.
Weak Stomach You posses a sensitive and easily upset digestive system, and are forced to cope with this at inconvenient times.
Weakened Power Your lifeblood is greatly weakened.
Whimsical You are playful and fanciful; you cannot concentrate on some of the more serious aspects of adventuring life.
Xiphiphilia An unhealthy fascination with swords and large bladed weapons.
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