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Ghostwheel 01:58, 14 August 2009 (MDT)[edit]

So here's my idea; we bring healing surges to 3.5. You get a number of healing surges (each equal to 1/4th of your HP) per day equal your constitution modifier + 1/2 your most common hit die, or the higher of competing hit die if you have more than one at the same number. (For example, a rogue 2 / wizard 3 with 10 Constitution would get 2 Healing Surges per day. Should they take another level of rogue, it increases to 3/day.) Whenever you are the target of a healing spell (not a special ability like Lay on Hands) you heal for the amount of that ability plus your surge value and lose a healing surge for the day. Heal and Mass Heal give the option of using up two surges at a time, healing 1/2 HP on top of the usual healing from Heal and Mass Heal.

So if Brett the Fighter with 100 HP was the target of a Cure Light Wounds of CL 5, Brett would gain 25+1d8+5 hit points.

Unlike in 4e, there are no Second Winds, and one must be the target of a healing spell (not an item that duplicates a spell, and not spells that only grant Fast Healing) to activate a Healing Surge. Spells that heal over time (such as Regenerate) activate the Healing Surge only on the first round that the spell is in effect. If a character is out of healing surges, healing spells only heal for the normal amount.

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