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I was thinking about a Deathless cleric, and so I got the question: if an undead cleric turns undead will he destroy himself?

JazzMan 22:50, 24 April 2010 (UTC)[edit]

If a bard uses Fascinate does he fascinate himself?

Name Violation 23:56, 24 April 2010 (UTC)[edit]

Deathless (from Exalted and Ebberon, not the ones on this site) are healed by positive energy. also, if it did work you'd have double the hd of you to outright destroy yourself. since you cant have double the number of hitdice that you have (pun-pun excluded) its impossible

It does not actually answer...[edit]

We are talking about turning undead, why are you speaking of healing? (Nice to know anyway: a good cleric can use his spell conversions) Moreover it is enough being a Cleric with Sun domain and you can destroy instead of normal turning once a day without needing twice your HD. Even if you cannot destroy yourself it is already bad you can turn yourself and being forced to flee from yourself...

The comparison with Fascinate does not stand: the bard decides who influence and must see the victim. On the other hand turning undead simply says -- Range: You turn the closest turnable undead first, [...] you do need a line of effect. You can attack turn a group of undead who are surrounding you without problems.

I am afraid there is not an official answer, but if your DM is sane should allow to turn undead with your character unaffected; other-wise turn with the sun domain power and make a new character ;)

Name Violation 09:34, 25 April 2010 (UTC)[edit]

Wait, isn't Deathless a type? don't deathless not have the undead type to begin with? they have the Deathless type, not undead, also in the Deathless type it states :

Evil clerics can turn or destroy deathless creatures as good clerics turn or destroy undead. Good clerics and paladins can rebuke, command, or bolster deathless creatures as evil clerics rebuke, command, or bolster undead.

so no, you cant destroy a deathless with turning

for reference http://eberronunlimited.wikidot.com/deathless

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Still no answer about the normal undead?[edit]

Good point, the deathless is fine then. Yet we do not know about a normal undead, For example a Necropolitan Pelor's Cleric?

Silly clerics turnings for opponents[edit]

Since the act of turning relies on an act of faith on the part of the cleric and relies on said faith somehow intimidating/destroying the opposing undead then it can probably be pretty safe to say that an undead cleric cannot turn himself as he would have no reason to fear his own faith. --Calidore Chase 10:33, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

A Deathless cannot be evil? If it can the problem is the same, only reversed.

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