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How does one play a level adjusted character?[edit] 11:20, 7 July 2008 (MDT)[edit]

How do you play a level adjusted character? I.e How much experience does one need to level the character and So on.

Eiji 16:16, 7 July 2008 (MDT)[edit]

With difficulty.

But seriously, LA sucks, you should avoid it. LA 1 is ok. LA 2 is rough. LA 3+ is suicide. The reason is because the easiest way to think of LA is to call them dead levels. In theory, a 6th level rogue, for example, is equal in all ways to a 4th level rogue with LA 2. As if he took 2 levels of LA, and 4 levels of rogue (which is 6 levels). You don't get any BAB, HD, skill points, of other leveling benefits from those "dead levels" but you do get other benefits, whatever superpowers you receive from playing an LA adjusted character. Big ability score bonuses, SLA, and whatever else the powerful race has.

The reason I say that LA 3 and above is unplayable, is because consider that the mighty Astral Deva that you're playing (LA 8) can't be played before level 9, because he needs at least 1 class level (LA 8 + class 1).

So here he is... effective character level 9, getting experience as a 9th level, not a 1st... and he's next to his human buddy. Both are fighters with a Con of 10. But the "mere human" fighter has 90 hp, 9 BAB, 9 HD, normal saving throws, skills.... And the Astral Deva has 10 hp, 1 BAB, 1 HD, max 4 skills....

Sure, the Astral Deva good ability scores, SLAs, DR, awesome flight... and a strong gust of wind can kill him. And you can bet they are fighting monsters for level 9 people, not level 1.

In any case, playing a LA 1 or 2 doesn't hurt you as badly, so while difficult to be effectively a level or two behind everyone else, it still allows you to play something strong, and survive to the next battle.

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