Discussion:AnimeOtaku137/How would someone go about taking control of a Golem after it's creator has been destroyed?

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Milo High-Hill 22:30, 19 November 2010 (MST)[edit]

1. Cast Awaken Construct. 2. Roll a dipplomacy check. 3. Beat the DC given by your DM.


there may also be a command word that controls the golem, i would attempt to scry and devine the word, awaken it and try it out, you never know if its just that easy. otherwise its all spells and deplomacy as stated before me. as a player and a dm i like to make items that can be inserted to awaken and command golems and things, maybe try to craft an item like that if you are capable. --Jintoya (talk) 15:04, 17 February 2013 (MST)

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