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Letting a grapple go....[edit]

....So in the rules for grapple is states "To maintain a hold on a foe from round to round you can keep holding on by moving into the foe's space"

One of my players (Druid) enjoys spending his time as an octopus and was wondering if this would allow him to attack, use improved grab to initiate a grapple, and assuming he succeeds on his grapple check, deal unarmed strike damage along with constrict damage, then let go and continue his attack as normal (and assumingly continuing this with each of his 8 arms).

What do you guys think of this?

Irykyl 08:56, 20 March 2012 (MDT)[edit]

I say let him grapple with one set of limbs PER ROUND, and he can attack with the others. If he chooses to continue grapple he can keep rolling grapple checks. If he fails, he loses his grip. Personally I wouldn't let him try to grapple with more than one per round. Or, you could implement the rules similar to what is in play for the Giant Octopus. Good luck!

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