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Disarray, God of Villainy[edit]

“Murder, Rape, set ablaze, and any other evil thing your little minds can think up…just kill all good” – Disarray to a group of his followers

Lesser Deity
Symbol: a Skull that is blue, red, black, and purple.
Home Plane: The plane of reality that is Chaos
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: None
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Evil, chaos
Favored Weapon: A Long sword soaked in blood

Eye color: Red

Hair: Dark purple

Height: 6’2

Weight: He responses that it is equal to a river of blood.

Skin: Gray


The Good are weak and feeble. The word is in the owner ship of the pure evil.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most of his Temples are destroyed because of the evil nature. Meetings are held in the home of the high priest or priestess of whatever town.

He only has four rules.

1) I am your true god

2) Kill anyone who isn’t truly dark in heart even the lawful evil.

3) Once a month you are to eat the flesh of an innocent.


Fral (Father, dead)

Mytherl (Mother, dead)

Lunacy (Cousin, Chaotic Good god of Vigilantes)


Disarray is power mad immortal. He and Lunacy (His family )have never seen eye to eye. He feels that as being of unimaginable power they should bring chaos to kill all who stand in their way. Lunacy never approved of this and many times they meet in battle.

Where ever Lunacy goes he follows. In his mind there must be a battle between Lunacy and himself. Because of this in many Planes he is wanted for murder, rape, genocide, causing a plague, and even an attempt to kill off the gods.


He is a known cannibal and mass murderer.


All evil magic

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