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Diplomatic Leader[edit]

You are a born leader, able to lead your comrades into battle, but you prefer to negotiate for peace.
Prerequisite: first level only, any good alignment
Benefit: You excel in talking people out of things. Since you would rather strike a deal, even with your enemies. You would let 2 men fight the battle for hundreds (to avoid massacres), and you mostly succeed in persuading your enemy to agree. Therefor, any followers you might have always keep a good word up for you. As a result, you gain a +2 on your diplomacy checks and a +2 on your leadership score if you have the Leadership feat to begin with.
Drawback: As a result of your way around the battlefield, people do not fear you as much. Therefor, you gain a -6 penalty to Intimidate checks.
Roleplaying Ideas: Though good characters always value life, you might value the life of your enemies. Instead of trying to kill every monster in every other encounter you get, try to either capture them and set them free without weapons, or let them flee. Since you obviously can't talk everyone out of a good battle, this does not mean you cannot kill or wouldn't.

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