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Difficilium is a rare metal found on the plains and used by the Extraneum tribes to make their weapons. It is believed to be the hardest, strongest & sharpest material known to sentient life. Difficilium is a translucent metal with s strong silver tinge to it. Difficilium hasnt been found in over 2000 years so all difficilium has already been used before its current use and probabled melted and reforged.

Difficilium can never be affected by rust, acid or any similar effects. If used in a weapon, it has the ability to reduce an enemy's damage reduction by 10 until after damage is resolved. If used as armour, it gives the weilder damage reduction 10. If used as shield grants wielder 1 DMG reduction if light, 3 DMG reduction if heavy and 5 if tower.

Difficilium has 50 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 25.

Type of Difficilium Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +120 gp
Armor +50,000 gp
Shield +10,000 gp
Weapon +15,000 gp

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