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Diamondine: Gragnar, the legendary gnome warrior, was renowned for four things: his fighting skills, his close friendship with the mage Tregan and the smith Dolaf, his Torc of Imposing Stature, and his magic axe Diamondine. No one knows the true origin of the axe. Many believe Tregan and Dolaf created it for their friend, while others say Gragnar found it in a dragon’s hoard. Some even claim Garl Glittergold himself created it as a prototype while working on his own magic axe. Diamondine is a long-hafted battleaxe with a deadly crescent-shaped diamond blade. The name comes from its appearance and material, for Diamondine’s blade is a single enormous diamond, light dancing off its facets and its razor-sharp edge. Its haft is made of mithral, with its name carved in Gnomish along its length.

Normally Diamondine is a +2 keen battleaxe, but in the hands of a gnome the axe comes to life. The instant a gnome touches the haft, a sparkle appears within the blade. At first this seems to be a mere reflection, but the spark remains and begins to grow, racing within the blade and growing in brilliance until the entire diamond is casting splinters of light all around. If a gnome wields the axe and calls out its name, the light will erupt through the edge of the blade and create a glittering swathe of illumination that extends two inches beyond the blade’s natural edge and functions as the brilliant energy property. The physical blade still exists beneath the light, and the weapon still does damage to undead, constructs, and objects (anything affected by the brilliant energy blade does not take additional damage from the physical edge). Diamondine’s light can be altered by mental command from its gnome user, decreased to a candle’s glimmer or increased to the brightness of a lantern, but it cannot be extinguished completely while a gnome wields it.

Caster Level: 16th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, continual flame, gaseous form, keen edge, creator must be a gnome; Market Price: 73,810 gp; Cost to Create: 37,810 gp + 2,880 XP.

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