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Devouts are advanced White Mages who can cast major White Magic. A Devout's Spells/Day count is the same as a Cleric's.

Making a Devout[edit]

Although the Devout is an excellent healer, he is no combat mage, and thus can be torn asunder by melee. For this, the Devout loses -2 to his Con, but gains +1 to Wil and Int. It is best to keep this class at a ranged distance.

Abilities: It would be wise to take Con and Dex due to the fact Devouts have low health, but you will still need points in Int for Spellcraft.

Races: Any race may be a Devout, so long as it follows peaceful methods to resolve conflict.

Alignment: Generally Lawful Good, but it can be anything so long as it's not evil.

Starting Gold: Levels 1-10 1d200, levels 11-20, 1d2000.

Starting Age: As Cleric (Wizard).

Table: The Devout

Hit Die: d6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spells per Day Power
Maximum Power
Level Known
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 1 2 0 2 Bonus Feat, White Magic, Turn or Rebuke Undead
2nd 1 3 0 3
3rd 2 3 1 3 Bonus Feat
4th 2 4 1 4 Summon Fat Chocobo
5th 3 4 1 4
6th 3 5 2 5
7th 4 5 2 5
8th 4 6 3 6
9th 5 6 3 6
10th 5 7 4 7
11th 6 7 4 7
12th 6 8 5 8
13th 7 8 5 8
14th 7 9 6 9
15th 8 9 6 9
16th 8 +10 +7 +10
17th 9 +10 +7 +10 2Bonus Feats
18th 9 +11 +8 +11
19th 10 +11 +8 +11
20th 10 12 9 12 4Bonus Feats

Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge Arcana;Religion;Geography;Nature(OPTIONAL), Listen, Profession, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device. 2+Int modifier.

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Devout.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Weapons:Staffs, 1 Battle Hammer, 1 Short Sword, 1 one-handed Mace, Bow, Rods. Armor: Only Cloth or Leather.

Spells: Devout Spell List:

0—Flare, Bless, Pray, Summon: White Chocobo Familiar

1st—Cure, Poisona, Sight, Summon: Chocobo, Dia, Scan, Slow, Hold

2nd—Aero, Toad, Mini, Summon: Shiva, Exit, Charm, Mute

3rd—Float, Cura, Teleport, Blinda, Summon: Ramuh, Protect, Calm, Dia 2

4th—Libra, Confuse, Silence, Summon: Ifrit, Blink, Fly, Stop

5th—Curaga, Raise, Wall, Summon: Titan, Berserk, Sonic Roar, Rally

6th—Areoga, Stona, Haste, Summon: Odin, Arise, Reflect, Dia 3

7th—Mirror Wall, Curaja, Auto-Raise, Esuna, Summon: Leviathan, Calm Nature

8th—Auto-Arise, Tornado, Holy, Summon: Bahamut, True Resurrection, Dia 4

9th—Holy Lightning Bolt, Light Warrior's Blessing, Restorative Well, Selfless Sacrifice, Inspire

Spell Descriptions: A small description of the Devout's Spells:

0—Flare:Blinds the enemy for 1d6 rounds; Bless: infuse Holiness into an object; Summon WCF: Summons a White Chocobo that heals full HP, resets the spells per day count, and an only be used 3x/day outside of combat; Pray: Like wish, but can only wish for health, and has a 50% chance to be ignored [Heals 1d20 HP]

1st—Cure: Heals the target for 1d10 HP; Poisona: Removes all poison; Sight: Gives a map of the area; Summon Chocobo: Summons a Chocobo that carries the party to saftey; Dia: Deals 2d8 damage to undead; Scan: Study the target for weaknesess; Slow: Slows a target making them take 1 half action/turn; Hold: Imprisons the target for 1d10 turns

2nd—Areo: Deals 1d10 air damage; Toad: Turns the target into a toad, or reverses toad; Mini: Shrinks the target, or reverses mini; Summon Shiva: Inflicts Mass Sleep on all enemies for 1d12 turns; Exit: Teleports from a dungeon to the nearest town; Charm: Infatuate the target for 1d8 rounds [does NOT work on undead, or genderless]; Mute: Silences the target for 1d4 rounds

3rd—Cura: Heals 1d20 Hp; Teleport: Teleport from any where to the outside of it; Blinda: Removes Blindness; Summon Ramuh: Inflicts Mass Paralysis for 1d12 turns; Protect: Increases AC by 3 and halves all incoming physical damage for 1d8 rounds; Calm: Calms a target; Dia 2: Deals 1d20 damage to undead; Float: Target is no longer a ground target and is unaffected by ground based attacks, and cannot change floating height [you float by half your height and remain anchored to where your head used to be]

4th—Libra: Learn about the targets current hp, ac, stats, immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities; Confuse: Makes the target 50% likely to attack its self; Silence: Inflicts Silence for 1d10 rounds; Summon Ifrit: Heals the party by half their total HP; Blink: Increases AC and Reflex saves by 3; Fly: Like Float but you can now fly with height and are no longer anchored; Stop: Stops the target and immobilizes them for 1d10 rounds

5th—Curaga: Heals for 2d20 HP; Raise: Ressurrects an allie for half their HP [Spells/day count remains untouched]; Wall: Lie Procetc, but now 5 and effects entire party; Summon Titan: Summons a Titan that deals 1d50 damage, 1d100 after level 16; Berserk: Increases Str, Atk, and Con by 5, must roll will save to resist losing controll; Sonic Roar: Deals 2d12 Sonic Damage; Rally: Increases Wil by 4

6th—Areoga: Like Areo but now 2d10; Stona: Removes petrification; Haste: All Half action are now free actions, and all Full Actions are now Half; Summon Odin: Protects allies for 1d12 turns 3/4ing all incoming damage; Arise: Resurrects an allie for full health and resets the spells/day count; Reflect: Reflects all magical damage to another target or the caster for 1d10 rounds; Dia 3: Deals 2d20 Damage to undead

7th—Mirror Wall: Like Reflect, but now effects party and for 1d20 turns; Curaja: Heals target for 3/4ths of their total HP; Auto-Raise: Like Raise, but automatically activates upon death; Esuna: Cures all status enducing effects; Summon Leviathan: Instant Mass Petrification on all targets; Calm Nature: Calms any force of nature

8th—Auto-Arise: Like arise but not automatically resurrects upon death; Tornado: Summons a tornado killing all enemies at or below 1/2 HP, and/or flings all others around on the field; Holy: Summons a holy flare dealing 1d50 divine damage, x5 on undead or evil; Summon Bahamut: Increases Attack Damage rolls by 40 for 1d20 rounds; True Resurrection: Can ressurect with out body but resurrects naked; Dia 4: Insta-Kills Undead/Demons

9th—Holy Lightning Bolt: 3d20 lightning and divine damage, can arch and chain, innefective against innocents; Light Warriror's Blessing: Ensures all attack rolls are hits, and prevents death up to 3/4ths of total HP can only be used 4x/day; Restorative Well: Restores Hp by 1d20/half action(or full), resets spells/day count, lasts for 2d20 turns; Selfless Sacrifice: Insta-Death on self to shield allies for 3/4ths of their health and damages enemies for 1/2 of their health; Inspire: Turns enemy to Ally, or increases Wil by 10 and immune to fear


If a Devout Multi-Classes as a destruction mage or turns to black magic, he is no longer a Devout. There is no way to revert this unless he gives up black magic or the destruction magic class.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Devout[edit]

Religion: They worship the Light.

Other Classes: Black mages and Magus are treated as worthless people to them, and the despise them.

Combat: Heal, and try to stay back.

Advancement: DO NOT BLACK MAGE! Stay defecitive magic.

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