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’s Bane[edit]

’s Bane is a clear, odorless, and tasteless liquid that can be used for multi purpose situations. It can be used as a poison or venom. It is made from various poisonous plants and animal venoms mixed with water, any lesser acid, and rum. The purpose of this is to eat away at the heart and brain through the blood stream. No known cure has been found but expert wizards and sorcerers have been able to heal victims over time.

It can be flavored if need be by simply adding a fruit juice to it and colored by adding a simple dye.

No one knows where it comes from, who makes it, how it is made, or what exactly is in it but it is bought off the black market. It is normally bought by assassins.

It earned the name ‘’s because the person who is poisoned doesn’t feel any ill affects until a few minutes before they die and the little amount needed to kill the person. When they begin to feel the ill effects they feel as if they are going to have a massive heart attack, a severe migraine, faintness, the inability to breathe correctly, and bleeding from the eyes.

When added to food or drink:

Type: Ingested
Initial Damage: 1d6 HP loss every minute
Secondary Damage: 1d4 hours of fatigue


Type: injury
Initial Damage: 1d12 HP loss every minute
Secondary Damage: 1d8 damage to all abilities

Price: 245 gp

Craft : If one knows how to make it the is 60

Preparation Time: 10-15 days

Yield: 1 Cap gives 20 doses

Once someone gets to 4 HP or bellow that is when they begin to feel the ill effects

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