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Haunted Thinker [(General)][edit]

You are socially and/or emotionally aloof most of the time, probably because of some personal matter from your past that nags at your thoughts.
Prerequisite: Int 11; A major event in the character's past that can evoke curiosity.
Effect: The character suffers a -3 penalty to bluff, craft, concentration, gather information, all knowledge skills, perform, profession, and sense motive. The character also suffers a -2 penalty to initiative. Once per day, the character must succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 character level+int modifier) or be compelled to ask someone that is familiar with you a number of questions related to this personal matter equal to your intelligence modifier + 1. If they fail to find someone that is aware of their compulsion, an additional -1 is applied to all penalties this flaw holds for 24 hours.
Benefit: Bonus feat
Roleplaying Ideas: A player character with this flaw is usually trying to figure out some event in their past that has bearing on their present or future. Are the circumstances surrounding the death of a character's parent left a mystery? Is there a decision in the character's past that they wonder about having done things differently? Is there some personal quest that they have been putting off all this time? Whatever the case, it is always at the back of your thoughts.

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