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Derran's Delights: These two magic items are a set of +2 dancing unholy scimitars that were created to order for Derran, an elven adventurer with a rather nasty reputation. Many a bard has sung his rousing ballad, the “Deeds of Derran,” late at night in those taverns that cater to a less wholesome clientele. The ballad features a whole set of verses describing how he destroyed a local leader by using these two magic scimitars in a moonlit glade outside of town (though the leader and the town change depending on where the bard is singing). How the leader came to be there is covered by another full set of verses that details Derran’s sly and politically savvy machinations and reveals that Derran liked to play with his foes before killing them.

Derran himself was killed when confronting several gold dragons at once, but this instance of bravery has not diminished his status as a hero to those who do not respect authority and actively seek to destroy the good works of others. Though scholars note the dragons would have destroyed the two scimitars and any other vile items Derran carried, the debate has never been settled to anyone’s satisfaction. Those who think the scimitars are still around have their arguments bolstered every time a new story crops up stating that Derran’s Delights were used in a battle or to destroy some icon of good. Those who believe the gold dragons destroyed the weapons counter that perhaps these new stories feature new scimitars created for others.

The scimitars have grips of black and purple leather interwoven with threads of silver. When the scimitars dance, lightning seems to crackle up and down the length of these grips, but this is merely the effect of the bright silver thread catching the light. Due to the popularity of the “Deeds of Derran,” many weapons have been crafted with similar powers and may be found in the hands of villains.

The price below is for one of the weapons, not a pair.

Caster Level: 15th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate objects, unholy blight, creator must be evil; Market Price: 128,315 gp; Cost to Create: 64,315 gp + 5,120 XP.

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