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Your character for some reason is extremly depressed.
Prerequisite: Int 10+
Effect: Twice a day the player must make a will save (DC 20). If the player fails, the character is depressed and takes a -4 moral penalty towards all skill checks, attack and damage rolls, ability checks and saving throws. The depression last 1d6 hours. If the player gets a natural one he or she must make another will save (DC 15) to see if the character tries to commit suicide. If the player fails he or she must attempt suicide in some way.
Benefit: Bonus Feat
Roleplaying Ideas: The Character may have lost someone or something close to them or maybe they were born with it. Perhaps the character took up adventuring because they could not return home (crime committed, slander made, exiled, etc), which in turn causes the character to become depressed and anxious. Fear effects and horrific sights may have caused depression, causing the character to lose all hope in life. Generally, depressed characters do not take joy in everday activities or even the activities they have have enjoyed in the past.

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