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Spirits of the dead who have ascended to a higher plane of existence and chose to return to the world below in their new, immortal bodies.

Racial Traits
Average Height: See past life.
Average Weight: See past life.
Ability Scores: See past life.
Size: See past life.
Speed: See past life. squares
Vision: All normal for past life plus low-light vision.
Languages: All normal for past life plus one other.
Skill Bonuses: +2 to two skills of your choice.
Soul of the Dead: Departed are souls who chose to fight on the planes with their new power. Choose a race - you are considered a member of that race for the purpose of all prerequisites, as well as a Departed. You appear to be a member of that race and gain its racial powers.
Embodiment of the Soul: Choose a weapon type such as dagger or fullblade. All weapons of that type become Soulbonded Weapons, You may use these as implements.
Ageless: A Departed is already dead. Therefore, they do not age and are considered immortals for the purpose of effects relating to creature type.
Soul-Force Release: You gain the use of the Soul-Force Release power.
Limiter: Departed have strength beyond that of any mortal, and therefore have limiters placed on their power when in the natural world. You can only use half of your normal healing surges per day unless you are in the Astral Sea.

Soul-Force Release Departed Racial Power
Drawing on the spiritual energies that give your body substance, you release a wave of force that sends foes reeling.
Encounter Star.gif Force
Move Action Close Burst Level+2/2
Target: All enemies in burst.
Attack: Wisdom Vs. Will
Hit: All targets are stunned for one round.
Miss: All targets are dazed for one round.

Departed - they are known by many names in various races' folklore as guardians of the world, malign spirits who prey on the living, or merely souls who wish to do battle with the power gained by their deaths. They are strong and wise, ageless in their afterlife as they remain throughout history just as they were the day they died.

Play a Departed if you want...

  • To have lived for hundreds of years and not aged a day since you died.
  • To have knowledge and experience most people would kill to have.
  • To have either a hopeful or bitter outlook on how the world has changed since your death.
  • To be a member of a race that favors any class.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Departed look just as they did the day they died, meaning they usually look like any other member of their race.

Playing a Departed[edit]

Departed often view the world with pride in what mortal man has created or with disgust at the bad ways they see mortals have fallen into. Some wish to remain neutral, but just as many try to guide the world to the future they desire.

Departed Characteristics: Ageless, immortal, experienced, long-lived.

Male Names: Whatever their name was in their past life.

Female Names: Whatever their name was in their past life.

Departed Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Departed adventurers are described below.

Darren is a Departed fighter who was a human while still alive. He sees the world as a beacon of goodness and fights to preserve the order that made it what it is. Calm, composed, and passionate about his goals, he works tirelessly to rid the world of evil.

Diviir is a Departed sorcerer who was a drow in her past life. Seeing the world as broken and hopelessly corrupt, she tries to guide it down the path of destruction so it can be remade anew. With her fiery temper and prodigious skill, none have matched her in battle.

Althaea is a Departed bard who was an eladrin before she died. She looks at the world as malleable and able to change, and so wishes to see what changes it undergoes without guidance from her. She is known as a bard of beauty and grace, though few recognize her as being the same one their great-grandparents saw long ago.

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