Deouxformazanziscar (3.5e Deity)

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Symbol: An image of them covered in shadow
Home Plane: Outside the omniverse
Alignment: All of them
Portfolio: Beyond Time, Beyond Space, Beyond Infnity, Beyond anything.
Clergy Alignments: {{{calign}}}
Domains: All
Favored Weapon: Punch (Their punch can obliterate everything)
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More information...

Deouxformazanziscar is an infnite form of the highest god. Their numbers are infinite and actually they are hive mind so there's no deviating act from one of them. The first of Deouxformazanziscar contain the omniverse like atom in his body. The second of Deouxformazanziscar is the universe of the first Deouxformazanziscar. The third Deouxformazanziscar is the universe of the second, even the second has extremly dwarfed the first Deouxformazanziscar who have the omniverse inside his body like atom. The sequence will be like this while they having infinite Deouxformazanzicar. They are the greatest, smartest, stongest, all-known, all-mighty, everything. Even being like Yog-Sothoth, Lord of Nightmares, and other are likes microbes of microbes to them.


Deouxformazanziscar has no dogma for Deouxformazanziscar have everything what they need but they want nothing.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Even they are the greatest, they have no whorshipers.

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