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This creature template is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia campaign setting as a form of the aiar creature subtype.

Creating An Denset[edit]

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When a sukeb reaches old age after a successful career, it can become a denset. The sukeb can choose to be reborn into any form that suits its personality and meets one of the following sets of requirements:

  • humanoid or giant type, challenge rating not more than 2, size: small or medium.

Typically, densets choose races known for their strength and courage, such as dwarves.

In game terms, densets are identical to the base creature in every way, including any special qualities and abilities, except as listed below. If the changes listed below conflict with something on the base creature's listings, the base creature characteristic is lost. To ensure the conversion is done correctly, make changes in the order listed.

Type, traits, abilities, etc.[edit]


Type is changed to outsider. The "celestial", "aiar", "lesser aiar", and "celestial humanoid" subtypes are added.

Outsider traits[edit]

Densets have all the features and traits listed on the 'SRD:Outsider Type' and 'SRD:Celestial Creature' pages except for the following: Hit points, hit dice, skills, fortitude, reflex, and will saves are unchanged from the base creature, except as per changes to ability scores above. Densets breathe, eat, sleep, and reproduce the same as their base creature, but can survive about twice as long as their base creature would without food or sleep. Densets can use all weapons, armor, and equipment their base creatures can, and can smite evil, but are born with no proficiencies.

When slain, the bodies of densets degrade much more rapidly than normal humanoids, releasing the soul onto whatever plane, world, etc. it happens to be on. Its soul suffers the same fate as a mortal's would, but there is no body left for resurrection. A new body must be provided for the soul to be returned to life. If there are skyfish nearby, it is virtually certain that one will notice the death, convert the soul into a glow, and attempt to return it to the Isles of the Dead.

Other Traits[edit]


If intelligence is below 6 or above 17, reroll as 2d6+5. +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma.

Size, Hit Dice, and Hit Points[edit]

unchanged from base creature


All densets have a lawful good innate alignment. A denset can choose any good alignment initially, and can change alignment as a human would.


Densets can mate with any creature their base creature could. Gestation and birth take place as per the base creature; the offspring will nominally be a native celestial humanoid (NOT an aiar) unless both parents are densets.


Newly promoted densets start out as the minimum starting age for their base creature, or as an embro due to reproduction (see above). New densets age at 1/2 the rate of their base creature if the starting age is under 20 years old, normally otherwise. Upon reaching maximum age they do not die, but instead are reborn as furs, sukeb, densets, or aniks, depending on their achievements in life, personality, alignment, etc.

Challenge Rating[edit]


Level Adjustment[edit]


Special Qualities[edit]

In addition, all densets gain the following:

Aiar Alignment Sense (Su)[edit]

Densets can sense good, evil, and base emotions including aggression up to 20 feet away; strongly good or strongly evil beings and effects such as pit fiends or a holy place, can be detected half a mile away; they do not sense specific objects or creatures, only a sense of direction and distance.

Supernatural willpower (Ex)[edit]

Densets have a supernatural will to live. If slain, and the body is not hopelessly damaged or in an unsurvivable condition (i.e., it doesn't work on creatures swallowed by a shark, below -30hp, beheaded, etc.), it can recover with 1 hp after a week in a coma. Each time this is done, however, a point of constitution is lost. The denset must make a DC 10 will check to do this.

Summon Aiar (Sp)[edit]

A denset can cast 'summon aiar' once an hour with a 30% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: a squad of sukeb; 3-4: a squad of densets; 5: a band of fey'iar; 6: a pack of furs. A squad or party of densets casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has a 60% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: 1d3 parties of sukeb; 3-4: 1d4 squads of densets; 5: a band of fey'iar and a swarm of whisps; 6: an anik. A band of densets casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has a 90% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: a band of sukeb; 3-4: a band of densets; 5: a pack of aniks; 6: a megam.

Denset learning abilities (Ex)[edit]

Densets can gain character classes as easily as a human would; they have fighter and paladin as favored classes. They can also learn a new language after just 1d10+2 weeks of constant exposure.


Densets are warriors who make up much, if not most, of the aiar's contribution to the formal celestial armies. As such, they can be brave, tough, disciplined fighters, trained to fight in regimented groups. They tend to select the weapon favored by their base creature, but may choose expertise in any weapons or techniques the base creature could. Densets take pride slaying the enemies of the Fortress, considering them to be little more them the tragic remnants of souls trapped inside their own bodies.

Aiar Densets as a Race[edit]


Densets tend to be stern warriors. Like many who have come to know war a bit too personally, they take violence seriously and are slow to anger. In combat situations they are are professional killers; off duty they tend to be a bit... more colorful, boisterous, and quick to be critical of others. Others sometimes mistake their attitude for bravado and goading others into a fight, but in reality it is because they value not only courage and sacrifice, but also wit and discourse [Warrior Poet]. The incorrect response to a denset's words is to react angrily; the correct response is to either to say "If you only knew" and walk off, or else play along.


Denset society is based around family and community. A few live with humanoids with their same base creature, while others live in mostly aiar communities with a mix of base creatures, but many live in even more diverse communities. Away from communities, they can be encountered singly, in the same groups as their base creature, or in squads of 2-5, parties of 2-12, or bands of 30 - 100 with a mix of base creatures or aiar travelling with non - aiar, etc.


Densets' religious organization tends to be simple and spartan, with competing factions cooperating in the field to serve the whole, much like the chaplain system in many military organizations. Densets each worship whatever specific religion they find most compelling or fits them most closely. Some worship a common pantheon with their base creature while others take a more wholistic approach.

Language and Names[edit]

All densets can understand and speak celestial and common as well as any language the base creature understands, and many speak additional languages. Densets have truenames, and name their children in a language of their choice.


Densets can be found on any of the planes though they are quite rare except in areas occupied by celestial armies and on the lowest four layers of Fortress Celestia. Densets have a preference for the same climates and terrain their base creatures would prefer, but they are gregarious and often live in communities with other aiar as well as celestial and noncelestial humanoids. Others prefer to live far from the heart of civilization.


Densets have difficulty getting along with those who do not take a stand for good, are cruel and spiteful.


Densets often seek to develop skills that will help the cause, and many develop character levels; amung these, those not employed in highly important jobs or serving in celestial armies are often interested in pursuing a life of adventure.


As per the base creature, plus character classes per learning abilities (above), AND promotion to Anik.

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