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Demon claw[edit]


Class Traits[edit]

{{4e Class Traits |role=<!-Striker/Defender. Your goal is to kill everything before they can hit your allies-> |power_source=<!-Shadow-> |abilities=<!-Strength, Dexterity, Charisma-> |armor=<!-Cloth, Leather,Hide-> |weapons= Overview =====



Races: |- |}

Creating a <!-Name->[edit]

===== ]]

At will lvl 1

lvl 2 Utility's Spikes

Three large, black spikes grow out of the character's Demonic Arm; one from the elbow, another from the shoulder and the third is a retractable spike coming out of the wrist.

Utility At will Full round actoin Your calw attack deals and extra 1d6 + dex mod. special this utility last until the end of encounter but once per encounter can it be used.

heroic tier feat's Increase Size (Ex): The Demonic Arm and Demonic Claw both grow one size larger then the character. This grants the character +2 Strength as well as the ability to wield weapons one size larger including two-handed weapons.Increase damage die of demonic claw to a d8. Demonic Shield (Ex): The scales on the character's Demonic Arm and Claw harden and become a night-black colour. The additional hardness of the scales gives the character and additional +2 AC . The darkened scale colour combined with the large size of the Demonic Arm allows the character to hide in the shadows with ease, granting him a +6 to stealth cheaks and gain concealment in shadowed. Shifting Arm (Ex): More experience with the Demonic Arm has granted the character more control over its form and abilities. The character may reduce the size of his arm back to its original size or change it back to its original form. Shifting the Demonic Arm is a standard action. Demonic Reach (Ex): The Demonic Arm seems to stretch farther then a normal arm should be able to. The character gains an additional 5 ft. onto his reach when using his claw. This increases his threat range by 5 ft. and also stacks with the range of reach weapons. Paragon path feat's

Necrotic energy resistance: The character gains a restance of 5 to necrotic energy damage. Improved Shadow Spikes (Su): The character's Shadow Spikes ability increases in power. The range of each spike increases to 2 squares. Each spike created is now barbed and deals an additional 1d4 damage. The number of spikes that the character may create is increased to 3 spikes. Epic tier feats Dimensional Rend (Su): By slashing his claw through the air in front of him the character is able to tear open a hole between the plane of shadow and his current plane. This tear can be used as a gate to travel between the character's current plane and a location on a plane of his choice, including his current plane. The character may travel to any plane he knows of or any location he has been. The character may also choose to travel directly to the plane of shadow. When opening a gate to a previously visited location the character opens the gate 1d10 x100 feet from his desired location. An opened gate remains opened for 1d4 rounds, although the character may hold the gate open with his claw. Creating a gate is a standard action, holding a gate is a full-round action. A player may not open a gate to a location or plane that is not connected to the plane of shadow. Improved Necrotic energy resistance:gain a restance of 20 to necrotic energy damage.

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