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Demon Hosts[edit]

"People tend to fear what they dont understand. Why not just whats about to kill them?"

Racial Traits

Average Height: 5,6 - 6,1

Average Weight: 130 lbs. - 190 lbs.

Ability Score: + 3 Stealth, + 3 Acrobatics, + 3 Speed, + 3 Strength, and + 3 to one other

Size: Medium

Speed: Nine Squares

Vision: Dark Vision

Languages: Common, Supernal, and one other

Skill: +3 Intimidate, +3 Acrobatics, +3 Stealth

Psionic Immunity Due to the demonic virus running through your veins, all attempts to over throw your mind immediately fail. Instead target is stunned and you are able to us Nightmare.

Weapon Soul Bond: At Lvl 1 choose two ranged weapons and two melee weapons. These are the ONLY weapons you have proficiency with regardless of class. You may also choose one more melee weapon to have proficiency with at Lvl 3. These weapons can not be lost and if broken you may fix them yourself. They can last three times longer and if sold they gain twice the sale price.

Whisper of Death: If fighting an undead, then it becomes an ally until it is killed.

Under Dog: If the player is fighting an enemy with a higher level, then the player gains a temporary +3 bonus to all stats and defenses.

Last Spark: If killed during combat you immediately are able to use the Rehost ability.

Resistance: At Lvl 1 choose one kind of damage and gain 6 resistance to that damage type along with cold and poison damage. Also, when you fall you take no damage.

Demonic Form Demon Host Racial Power
The complete madness, insanity, of your demon self bursts through, feeding on all the fear and doubt of your target...
Encounter Star.gif Shape-shift
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You gain +3 power bonus to strength, speed, and damage rolls until the end of the round.

Doll Form Demon Host Racial Power
" Demons have to have some kind of sick fetish to choose the form of a childs doll..."
Minor Action Personal
Effect: +15 stealth, -3 strength, -5 acrobatics

Regeneration Demon Host Racial Power
Free Action Personal
Trigger: {{{trigger}}}
Effect: Heal 2d6 hit points and gain 1d6 temporary hit points.

Rehost Demon Host Racial Power
"As the walls closed in I said a quick prayer for the soul I was about to take to save my own"
Minor Action Personal
Effect: If player dies, they may Rehost instead of being listed as deceased. The player will spawn in a safe area and will be abel to play on the turn after next of playing. The player has same hp they had before using Rehost +30 hp. The player can not use Rehost for another three turns.

Second Possession Demon Host Racial Power
Let me borrow you for a bit...
Minor Action Three or less targets
Effect: You dominate the target. Miss: Target is stunned.

Madness Demon Host Racial Power
"Crazed you say? Well...maybe you're right."
Minor Action Personal
Effect: +10 speed, +6 strength, +10 acrobatics

Life Drain Demon Host Racial Power
"You have what I need, let's trade..."
Minor Action 30
Effect: 1d20 damage and regain hit points equal to the amount of damage you dealt.

Nightmare Demon Host Racial Power
"You wanted a peek into my mind that bad?"
Immediate Reaction 20
Trigger: Target enemy trying to use a psychic attack
Target: Target enemy becomes unconscious and takes 6 damage at the 11th level

"Being unloved has left a coldness in our hearts. That coldness has left you without mercy"

Play an Demon Host if you want...

  • To be a race feared and shunned by those who don't understand.
  • To call forth undead aid in times of need.
  • To drain life or possess enemies
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Blade Witch, Rogue, Shaman, Witchdoctor, and Druid classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Demon Hosts, from afar, could easily be mistaken as an average human. Upon close inspection, however, demon hosts are clearly non-human. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth and their refined features can make them appear almost elven. Their hair can be from a ashy black to a silver white. Their spinal bones often jut out of their back, forming hard spurs. A few demon hosts also manifest horns. When upset orbs of blue fire often float above their heads. Many demon hosts do not pay particularly close attention to how they dress, and might wear worn or tattered clothing or armor.

Playing a Demon Host[edit]

Demon Host are extremely smart and cunning, trickery often saving young orphaned ones. despite their shunning and abuse, ones that still have at least an ounce of their saneness left often can be trust worthy and loyal. While harshly truthfull and often look at the cup half empty, their wits often help them get out of any jams. They are excellent strategic inavators and fast thinkers. Those, however, who have lost their fate in any livingkind often are crazed, bloodlusting beast, The roots of horror storys and nightmares.

Demon Host Characteristics: Mood killers, sad, intelligent, cunning, mad, vicious, resentful.

Male Names: Demon Host often have human names though they often change their names to escape their past connection to their given names. Here are a couple of names that they go by. Nintic, Inarn, Nairrin, Ornantic, Ulnan, Min, Mill, Nalicon.

Female Names: See above. Insis, Nata, Oharia, Illna, Nassi, Nana.

Demon Host Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Demon Host adventurers are listed below.

-Nintic is a demon host rogue who was not wanted by his parents. He was constantly shunned by all the other people. In the end, he lost control and wiped out the town. Now, he is known by many as a murderer and is hunted by many adventurers.(Made by other user. -if your on this page plz put your name for credit)-

-Mill is a Demon Host witch doctor. Living his life as an outcast he knows little about normal scociety, often looking down on it in confusion. When a girl crashes through the doors of the abandoned keep he used for shelter he now finds himself wanting to protect her at all cost...-

-Nana, a unlawfull good druid, has been on the run for quite some time now. Wrongly accused of murdering her family, she wants nothing more than to shred the true criminal. When her trail of clues lead her to a prison built in a raven, she finds herself confronted by a very differnt enemy than imagined.-

Demon Host History[edit]

Books of old hold an unexpected amnount on Demon Host, at least that is, for the trained eye. Demon Host not being their true name they are often called by many other names. The name most belived to be that of the original, "Illfeinds", can be found in some of the oldest scrolls. First and formost, fairytales. Many say that this world of laughther and joy are bed time storys for children. Now befor one thinks that this has nothing to do with fairy tales, they should know, fairy tales with happy endings a few and far. They are often dark tales with little joy. These creatures are that of these storys. A highland town, suffering from a freeze over, were now suffering from starvation. Their only crops had been frozen and now even the hunting slowed. While on a hunt, it was said a dying young woman was brought out and cut to atract bores. When a purpel mist washed over the forest the men fleed. Not is known what transpired during her vanishing but what is known is that when the mist turned back to its grayish and blue color and lifted from the forest and town nothing was the same. Crops grew and became ripe in a matter of days and huntsmen were weighed down by pounds apon pounds of meat. Ofcourse no blessing from the unknown comes without a price. The births, the births happened. To what, not even doctors nor clergy men could fully understand. One word was offered from both: Demon. These demon children riped through their mothers stomaches or chewed out with their teeth. While all this was horrifying, the women of the town would not let the children be killed. In some cases it even seemed as if the children were devestaed by the loss of their murdered mothers. The mothers they murdered. At time, with a lucky few, the birth went on without aa hitch, the mother and child surviving. What might have caused the childrens shunning when after becoming used to by the townsfolk? Their sibblings. Having watch their mothers ripped apat or at the very luckiest nearly killeed by their just born sibblings drove an anger and hatred in their hearts for their demonic brothers and sisters. Having children of their own they taught them to hate, and in the end, thats what they did. It is said that the blooded woman still walks the town alopng with all the slaughtered women. They walk in a silent cry, not to kill their children.

Well Known Demon Host[edit]

Minisin - The Firecracker of Tulesdom

Noleconan - The Shadow of Forwooks

Mistikan - The Knight of The Illontan City

Omaii - Angel of The Wall

Piia-no - The Chained one of Malice Court

Known Demon Host Birthing Grounds[edit]




The Grawlkon Ruins












The Wall


Illontan City

Malice Court

Forgint Keep

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