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Demiurge Spawn[edit]

Demiurge Spawn are formidable creature, Divine Progeny of Demiurges, they are superior and are granted the power of creation. They are superior in every way to their unblessed kind.

Creating a Demiurge Spawn[edit]

Demiurge Spawn is a inherent template who can be applied to any creature.

Size and Type[edit]

The creature become an outsider (native), no change to size. The Demiurge Spawn gain 12 Outsider HD.

Hit Dice[edit]

All racial HD become d12.


No change to the base creature speed.

Armor Class[edit]

A Demiurge Spawn gain a Divine Armor Class bonus equal to 1/2 his total HD.

Special Attacks[edit]

Creator: May cast Major Creation at will, as a supernatural ability with a caster level equal to total HDx2. May ignore the XP of the first three time, the Demiurge Spawn use this ability.

Planar Architect: May cast Genesis once per day, with a caster level equal to HD.

Time Stasis: May cast Time Stop at will as a supernatural, with a caster level equal to the Demiurge Spawn HD.

Ultimate Creation: May cast True Creation as a supernatural ability at will, caster level equal to HD+8. The Demiurge Spawn may ignore any XP Cost from her first use of the ability each day.

Special Qualities[edit]

Blood of Creator: May cast Creation spells as a Cleric with Creation domain of equal level as the Demiurge Spawn HD.

Immunity to all Mind Affection effect, Death Effect, Polymorph or otherwise shapechanging.


+10 to all abilities.


Gain a bonus to all Craft check equal to HDx2.


Lawful-Oriented Planes

Challenge Rating[edit]



Quadruple Standard


Alway Lawful


With class level.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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