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Introduction to the Deities of Sekravon[edit]

The deities of Sekravon have held sway over much of the realm’s state and overall fate since the beginning of existence. Clerics and paladins roam the land, carrying out holy orders from their individual churches. All across Sekravon mortals give alms to these mighty beings and worship the diverse collection of gods and goddesses to further their own needs and wants, hoping for divine intervention, miracles or sometimes just a little support. Those described here are comprised of the mainstream and well known deities who represent not only numerous faces of life, but also races, cultures, regions and classes.

With such a diverse selection of deities, clerics can now be further customized to fit a specific look, ability or job. Oppose to the standared healer with alright figting skills and full plate running around, the Sekravon campaign setting offers a multitude of personas for clerics to take on.

Deities of Sekravon[edit]

Marrubian Deities[edit]

The Marrubian deities are part of the pantheon in charge of various desert territories and overlook its various aspects. Primarily worshipped on Murrubian Peninsula, the Marrubian Pantheon also have ties in Nendallah (think India) and surrounding territories.

Gods of the Gear[edit]

Racial and Class Based Dieties[edit]

Gods of the Middle Realms[edit]

Crystal Deities[edit]

Lords of the Wild Lands[edit]

Spirits of Tribe and Jungle[edit]

Philosophies, Ideas, and Alignments as Deities[edit]


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