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Deepfarer's Might: Deepfarer’s Might is a powerful waraxe of the clan Deepfarer, dwarves known for their ferocity and their ability on the field of battle. Other clans often call upon them to aid in more difficult confrontations deep beneath the surface. The last member of the clan to have wielded the waraxe was Monrooth Deepfarer, clan leader. After several mining teams were found slain by a destrachan, he led a scout party into the mines to locate and destroy the creature. When they spotted it, he gave his battle cry and charged into the cavern, hurling Deepfarer’s Might as he entered. Unfortunately, the destrachan was a mere distraction, a servant of a dark elf noble who was waiting in the shadows. Monrooth and his clan had proved to be somewhat troublesome for the dark elf’s house, and when the dark elf dismissed the walls of force supporting the ceiling, tons of rock fell and crushed the dwarven leader. The loss of the waraxe signaled the start of the decline of that clan. The dark elves used magic to retrive Deepfarer’s Might and displayed it in their city as a trophy, but it was lost in a civil war between houses.

Deepfarer’s Might is a +2 throwing vorpal dwarven waraxe. Its blade has etched upon it the scene of lakefilled underground cavern, over which is the house symbol of Deepfarer clan (a pair of waraxes placed back to back). The large weight behind the axe blade has been crafted to resemble another waraxe, although it cannot be used as a weapon. Its haft is of treated and darkened oak, with dwarven runes covering its surface down to the carved handgrip at the end.

Caster Level: 18th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic stone, death spell, keen edge; Market Price: 98,330 gp; Cost to Create: 49,330 gp + 3,920 XP.

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