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Dedicated Enforcer[edit]

You might be too focused on defeating evil-doers.
Prerequisite: Good, but not merciful
Benefit: +2 on attack and damage rolls when fighting criminals.
Drawback: -2 to armor class and reflex saves when fighting criminals. Also, upon witnessing someone committing a crime, You must make a will save of DC (10 + "crime severity"*) to avoid confronting them, when in a fight with them you must make another will save of the same DC to avoid killing them. (*see table)
Roleplaying Ideas: Character will become agitated in a crime ridden city. Character will go on about how he kills for the "Greater Good" and is convinced he's doing what is right.

Crime Stealing, conning or possession Attacking an innocent person Attacking a woman or child Murder
Severity 1 5 10 15
Prep Rep Repeat Offender Career Criminal Mobster Mob Boss
Modifier +1 +5 +10 +15

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