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Decent into Darkness[edit]

Intended for four level 10-20 adventurers.

This is a long-term campaign mostly built around a Free-Roam Sandbox style of play. The best way to bring this into a pre-existing campaign is by whatever means you wish, get your group of victims (sry, I meant adventurers) onto a large ship. [This campaign takes place in Faerun, on Aber-Toril and in the Underdark, though it can easily be adjusted to accomodate other areas.

  • Prep Time
  • Play Time

Quest Introduction[edit]

Jungle Adventure ---> City Life/Sandbox Style (Here is the world, what would you like to do?) The group is on a long south-bound journey and their ship gets caught in a massive storm out at sea with no land nearby. The ship capsizes and the group passes out, only to awaken admist the rubble of the destroyed ship on the beach of a desserted temperate jungle island/penninsula. --DM Note: Figure out what the group will have on or near their person while they are sleeping; they should have those items worn or close at hand when they awake, the rest of their gear will be within the wrecked ship-- After the first individual member of the party awakens, they are ambushed by a small troupe of Yuan-Ti Pure Bloods [Advanced as the DM see's fit; keeping in mind the group is likely poorly equipped at the moment, and killing them this early would ruin everyone's fun]


As stated in the introduction the group has become stranded on this island or penninsula [DM's decision which] without any way of knowing where they are. They have also been ambushed by a group of monsterous humanoids known as Yuan-Ti. The Yuan-Ti in this region have become more active of late and have been hunting humans and other races in the area more often than not.


Varies based on party alignment 1) Before departing you have heard of trouble in the southern area of the world, and also learned that many important people have gone missing in that region over the past few months. 2) You were escorting a person of interest (or object) on a trading journey to the southern region of the world, known for the constant warring lizardfold tribes and its many other natural dangers.

--DM Note: The primary villian for this campaign is a new type of demon that I have been working on designing, and one that I feel should have been included in at least two or three D&D books, an Incubus. This villian also has class levels beyond its outsider hit dice, but for the most part has powers and abilities very similar to those of its female twin, the succubus.--


The stages are somewhat basic in breakdown, but the campaign is extensive. I am currently still working on it, so as of right now this is all I have available.

Stage 1 - The Lost Island Stage 1 of the campaign consists primarily of the group's exploration of the island that they were stranded on as part of the history [and integration] of the quest/campaign. Stage 2 - The Haunted Mansion Stage 2 of the campaign consists mostly of the group learning about a mansion deep in some haunted woods not too far from where they would have disembarked from their ship after leaving the island, and the investigation of the mansion. --DM Note: The players may want to repair and use the mansion as a base of operation, at which point the two sisters [if they agreed to help] would pay the party back by helping to look after the place while they are out adventuring.-- Stage 3 - Decent into Darkness The third stage details the group learning of a few tresspassers within the walls [if they are repaired] of the mansion, or on the land if the walls are not repaired, and the two caretakers [sisters] becoming uncomfortable with the situation and getting the group to investigate and attempt to track/follow the tresspassers. This stage also handles the introduction of Marathiel, an Aasimar Cleric/Faith Guardian who has also been looking into these sightings. Eventually the group will be guided to a cave that Marathiel believes is the source of the drow incursions.


Incubus-Demon (No Page yet) Succubus 1 (treat as a standard Succubus, but a follower of the Incubus) Succubus 2 (As with Succubus 1) Sister 1 (No name yet, appears in Stage 2) Sister 2 (No name yet, appears in Stage 2) Minerva (Knifemaster-Appears in Stage 3 with Side-Quest) Marathiel (Cleric/FaithGuardian-Appears in Stage 3 with primary quest)


1 Unique item with abilities and power equivalent to a Major Magic/Psionic Item suited to the needs of each player, awarded for completing the first few stages of the campaign. The unique items for my group as I am taking them through this campaign will eventually have pages posted, I have named two of them so far. The items each have two abilities that make them unique, but beyond that function as normal magic items. 1) Demonbane [Longsword] - Any Good, Most effective for a Paladin or Cleric 2) Sylvan Stinger [Rapier] - This weapon was custom designed for the group's Pixie Rouge.

I will update this further as needed, specifically when I've created suitable pages for the items and NPC's

Stage One: The Lost Island[edit]

Details Coming Soon

Stage Two: The Haunted Mansion[edit]

Details Coming Soon

Stage Three: Decent Into Darkness[edit]

Details Coming Soon

Stage Four: Drow City of A'Maro'Ak[edit]

Details Coming Soon d- My own campaign has not yet reached this point, but has been planned to this point.

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