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Special Abilities[edit]


Traits or abilities created by deities for divine effect and/or opposed divine abilities against other deities or immortal creatures who share the ability to create deific effects. Characteristics of deities based on Divine Rank (DivR#) can be found summarized in full on the Divine Characteristics SRD Page.

In the Inath Variant Rules System, Deific abilities can be used by themselves or in opposition against the same or another deific ability, as created by a different divine being. In this way, DivR# becomes less commanding of an element between deities, and supports more deity-vs.-deity interaction by establishing what is called Divine Dominance over a given circumstance or element, such as a portfolio, domain, a given area that two deities both inhabit, or another deific ability.

Utilizing a Deific Trait requires at least two successful rolls to be made, on top of whatever other augmentations have been made to the roll in order to affect its outcome or potential weaknesses. Those rolls are:

In addition to these rolls, there are often Craft (Energy Path - Inath Crafts) checks made to create a stable platform of universal energy upon which the deific ability can ride in order to manifest. Mana Points, spell slots, power points, Prana Points, Inath Points, and other investitures of essence or willfulness may also be called for, depending on the description of the deific ability.

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