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Davlamin Chorster[edit]


  • Name : Davlamin Chorster
  • Nickname : Davvy the Red
  • Worships : Uller
  • Gender : Male        Race : Yeti
  • Class : Ranger       Level : 12
  • Profession : BodyGuard
  • Movement: 15
  • Hit Points : 70     AC : 6 (-1)
  • Alignment : Neutral Good
  • Nomadic
  • No. Of Attacks : 3 attacks / 2 rounds (He Fights as a 12th level Ranger, or as a 7 Hit Die Monster).

Game Stats[edit]

  • Strength: 19 +3, +7 (24 +6, +12)
  • Dexterity: 18
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Wisdom: 14
  • Constitution: 18
  • Charisma: 12 (16 in the eyes of another yeti)


Born on the mountains of Sporgzdech, Son of Galdeger the  yeti cheiftain. A bunch of Frost Giants came and beat down the yeti's of the tribe. He was kicked out for being too small and useless. A Ranger by the name of Ianster Found him near dead and decided to take him as his own. He taught the Yeti to speak, read and write common tongue. He also taught the Yeti the Ranger ways. He wanders Temple's lands, trying to become stronger, so he can eventually go back to those mountains, and free his Kin.

Where He Can Be Found[edit]

  • Wandering around the lands of Temple
  • In the town of Gragalmash, his most frequent resting stop.
  • At Lion Castle.

Class Abilities[edit]

  • Tracking - Since he is a Ranger, he has tracking and all bonuses of Rangers.
  • Spell Use - Since he is a Ranger, he gets Druid and Mage spells.

Racial Benefits and Penalties[edit]

  • Cold Resistance - attacks made at him that involve Cold only do half damage.
  • Fire Weakness - any fire attack Made at him does double damage to him. He hates Fire!!
  • Tracking - Strong sense of smell helps him track.
  • Invisibility - Invisible until within 10' to 30' from his prey. (When in Snowy areas).
  • Fear from surprise - When he surprises an opponent, they roll vs Paralyzation, or else they are rigid with fright for 3 melee rounds.
  • Crush/hug - if he scores a hit (solid, unmodified roll of 20) on any of his claw attacks, he has grabbed and squeezed his opponent for 2-16 points of additional damage.


Druid Spells[edit]

  • Entangle
  • Pass Without Trace
  • Cure Light Wounds

Mage Spells[edit]



  • Pot of Mammal Control
  • Alchemy Jug
  • Gem of Seeing
  • Broadsword +1, +3 vs Lycanthropes & Shape Changers
  • Bastard sword +3
  • Ring +2
  • Cloak +5
  • Pot of Invisibility
  • Oil of Etherealness
  • Medallion of ESP
  • Net of Entrapment
  • Rod of Smiting
  • BroadSword +5 Defender
  • Ring of Fire Resistance
  • Ring of the Fire Yeti
  • Girdle of Storm Giant Strength (Strength = 24 (+6, +12))
  • Scroll protection vs. Devils


  • Tol-Kendar (Body Wrecker)
  • Earwax x8
  • Uncooked Meat x5
  • Giant Backpack
  • Tent Supplies
  • Net x3
  • Giant Cloak
  • Club x2
  • Giant Belt
  • Morning Star Mace
  • Garlic x2
  • Sacrificing Dagger
  • Bow
  • Arrow Quivers Containing 20 Arrows x3
  • Backpack
  • Magic User bandit's spell-book, contains: 2nd lvl spells
  1. Audible Glamour
  2. Web
  • Gold: 46,453 in Gems (Donated to Temple of Uller).


  • When ENLARGED, Knock-back Ability on Man-Sized Creatures, when he hits. (The victim goes flying, and is stunned for 3 rounds).
  • Intuition
  • Been to the Magical Fruit Trees
  • Been to Hell and Back
  • Helped close 4 Hell-mouths
  • With help from Friends, went to Hell, and started to fight Set. He got away, but he almost died.
  • Lives in a giant castle that looks like a giant sphinx. He lives there with a bunch of people, one being his Gnome friend, Leaf Toe. He is Leaf Toe's bodyguard.
  • Other members of the castle that he knows are:
  1. Yulissa
  2. Lisel
  3. Tiphys
  4. Bromel

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