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Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Normal gravity as else where on the plane material.
  • Time: As other parts of the campaign setting, however the woods are dark due to the closeness of the trees and the fact that their branches or knit together, meaning that even in the day it is normally twilight within the woods.
  • Size: The woods are quite large and normally take at least 3 days in any direction to cross.


This lands is home to poisonous spiders or all sorts, goblins, kobolds, orcs, hags, forest giants, all sorts of dire forest creatures, harpies and at night it is also the hunting ground of vampires, drow and all manner of were-creatures.

Movement and Combat[edit]

The woods are dense terrain and thus will effect movement and combat, especially ranged combat, accordingly.

Features of the Woods[edit]

Besides being home to all sorts of nasty creatures, there are indeed a few ruined villas and cottages within, some may now be home to the forest creatures that reside in the dark woods, but some are left from a distant time when the woods was not so dark and dangerous.

There are also several interesting herbs that can be found within.

Glowrooms- these small red mushrooms glow in the dark, a small bundle of them could provide enough light to see by, however they'll die 24 hours after being picked.

Nightshade- good for poisons, grows in large numbers within this forest.

Angel leaf- a small tree with blue leaves, this tree is quite rare, that makes for a good base ingrediant for creating magical potions or oils.

Woods Encounters[edit]

These are simple sample encounters from the woods.

Day time Encounters.

1-20 goblins out hunting, most of them will be carrying spears and shortswords. These creatures will be wearing clothes that help to hide them in their terrain.

2- 15 orcs- small warband out to kill and eat something. These creatures will work together to help overcome their enemy and will be led by a 5th level ranger.

3- spider swarm (2d20 medium sized spiders) will swarm over the terrain and attack.

4- Web- if the character(s) don't make a spot roll (dc 15) they'll walk into this web (treat this web like the web spell) the DM can decide if there is a large spider or not waiting for a meal.

Night time Encounters.

1- A thirsty vampire- an ex-adventurer (d8 lvl in a random class) this creature might be up to talk and interact with the party in a non-violent manner if the dm wants a non-combat encounter.

2- 3d10 drow out hunting for slaves to take back to their underground fort, they have plenty of sleep poison to help them capture a party member or three.

3- were-wolf pack (2d6) out hunting for food.

4- 3 flying harpies with poison crossbows.

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