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Dark Surge[edit]

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An undead's bond with the negative energy plane grows too strong, resulting in a powerful but terribly unstable undead.

Undead who establish a direct link to the negative energy plane become terribly empowered, a black hole core forming within their forms, crackling as black tendrils of energy swarp and lash with malevolent intent. So strong is the link, those afflicted are usually short lived.

Creating a Dark Surge[edit]

This is an acquired template which can be applied to any undead.


Emboldened, the creature gains a +10 profane bonus to their speed.

Armor Class[edit]

The creature gains a +4 profane bonus to AC from the swarms of writhing semi-real tentacles.


Any natural weapons the subject uses deals 1d6 extra negative energy damage. It may also employ this as a touch attack as a standard action (see below).

Special Attacks[edit]

Dark Touch (Su): As a touch attack the subject may deal 1d6 negative energy damage to the target, no save.

Special Qualities[edit]

Dark Surge (Su): The power of the plane is incredible, healing the undead creature 2 hp a round. However, unlike normal this healing can and will heal the undead above their normal hp. Each round which they remain over-limit the undead must make a Fortitude save or explode in a burst of darkness (and triggering their Death Throes). They get their Charisma bonus to this roll. The DC starts at 10 and gains +1 for every round.

Regardless, whenever the undead gains more than twice his normal hp, it explodes, no save.

Death Throes (Su): When the creature is destroyed, via an attack or by its hp overflowing with power, the creature detonates in a blast of negative energy dealing 1d6 negative energy per HD, with a Will save for half (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha).


+4 Str, +4 Dex, +4 Cha


Negative energy dominated planes.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Always Evil.

Level Adjustment[edit]

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