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Dark Premonitions [General][edit]

You see disturbing prophecies in your sleep, often resulting in emotional weakness.
Prerequisite: Any non-evil
Effect: You are known to see strange, dark dreams, often representing an unpleasant future event. Every 1d4 days or at any night of the DM's choice, the character has an upsetting prophetic dreams. Upon waking, s/he must succeed a Will save DC 10+Half ECL or take a -1 penalty to Initiative and Will saves for 1d4+1 hours.

If the DM chose a specific night for a dream to occur, they must describe the dream to the player, and must manifest it either symbolically or literally later in the campaign.

If the event perceived in the dream occurs, the DM must tell the player 1d3+Int modifier(or earlier if DM wishes) rounds before the traumatic event would occur. The character must pass a Will save DC 10+ ECL or take a-1 penalty to Initiative and Will saves until the event occurs or must do everything s/he can to stop the event from happening, regardless of danger to him/herself or others.
Benefit: 1 feat
Roleplaying Ideas: The DM can use this to let players in on future events an information. The character may be a too-talented scryer or psychic or have odd innate abilities or a destiny surrounding the events s/he sees.

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