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Dark Mithral[edit]


There was an unearthly chill flowing through the air before the attack, it was an exceptionally warm summer morning, so the chill was welcomed amongst the men. After the mid-day meal, they came, the High Dwarves tunneled under the walls and into the courtyard, they came out, wielding twisted, extravagant shapes, they devastated our men. Then the call for a retreat was received, we ran as far as we could, until even our shadows got tired and couldn't tail us anymore. After that we made our way back to Krux, to regroup.
—Excerpt from Alistair Wimbly; Commander of High Gate fortress.

The Special material Dark Mithral is extremely rare. Dark Mithral is blessed by the highest of evil Deities and has had the blood of many sacrifices poured over it, forever imbuing it with an amazing evil energy. Due to very developed forging techniques discovered after the Age of the Abyss, when creating armour it is crafted in such a way that you have an incredible large range of movement. The metal was also blessed by Mobius at the time of its discovery, because he saw its awe inspiring power when Lord Faytax made him his Feather Chain, but betrayed him keeping it for himself. The biggest reason that everyone wants it is because it emanates death from inside the metal, it makes all of the attacks done with this weapon seem to drain the life from the creature which has the misfortune of being attacked by what ever holds this powerful weapon. Many smiths if they ever get the chance create the armor or weapon into a intricate gothic design to frighten all who sees it, making the armor and weapons made from Dark Mithral especially rewarding to have.


The use of Dark Mithral in history is very rare, not much is known about it, and it is approximated that less than ten tonnes of the rare metal is found on Asylum. It was used by the Rift Knights in 10374 AO. That was the last known time that Dark Mithral was used. It is rumored that the Argost people have found a mine with more than double of the estimated amount of Dark Mithral. Many cults throughout the plane of Asylum believe that Dark Mithral was created by whatever dark god that they may secretly worship.

History and Information belonging to the upcoming setting "Lords of Asylum"


Armor Effects

Armour Check Penalty: +3 (Up to 0)

Max Dexterity Bonus: +4

Spell Failure Check: -20%

Weight: -40%

Treat all Armor as one level lower. eg) Heavy=Medium,Medium=Light

Weapon Effects

Critical: Add 1x and double the threat range (stacks with improved critical, but not with keen, because of the fact that it is already keened.)

Damage: Weapon is considered +1 naturally even in an anti magic zone (similar to adamantine) and weight is reduced 40%

Weight: -50%


Light Armor= +3400Gp

Medium Armor= +4800Gp

Heavy Armor= +6400Gp

Weapons:= +650Gp / Pound

Arrows= +50Gp / Each

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