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Dark Harvest
Price: 176,000 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 15th
Aura: Strong necromancy; (DC 23)
Activation: Use Activated (read text)
Weight: 10 lb.
A dark harvest scythe.

The blade of this scythe is as black as night, drinking in all the light that hits it. Mounted on a gnarled, Zalanthar-wooden shaft, several miniature skulls and dark-feathered withers suspend from ornate cords attached to the top of the shaft, and emit ghostly whispers and a foul blackness that seeks to reap life whenever the scythe blade pierces flesh.

Upon a successful critical hit against a living creature, this +7 Keen Unholy scythe slays the target outright, unless it succeeds on a DC 36 Fortitude save.

A dark harvest empowers its wielder, having a total of 150 charges that allow him to create a number of spell-like effects:

Dark harvest's caster level is 15.

When killing a living creature of 6 HD or more with its attacks or ingrained spells, dark harvest recovers one charge. It recovers 2 charges from a creature of 12 HD or more, and 3 charges from a creature of 18 HD or more. Summoned creatures cannot replenish a dark harvest scythe, but called creatures can. Charges recovered over the maximum of 5 are lost.

Prerequisites: CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; blasphemy, desecrate, slay living, magic circle against good, unholy aura, unholy blight, creator must be evil. Market price 176,000 gp; 88,000 gp + 7,040 XP.

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