Dangers and Diseases (Simiran Supplement)

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Bad Stuff Happens[edit]

In Sangra, misfortune befalls everyone; its no utopia. Heres a complete compendium of what could happen by being careless, unfortunate, or just plain stupid.

  1. Acid
  2. Astral cord severed when in Astral Plane
  3. Avalanche
  4. Banshee's keening
  5. Being Fallen Upon
  6. Bloody Exit (blood magus ability)
  7. Bodak's death gaze
  8. Bored DM
  9. Brain Extracted (Mindflayer)
  10. Buried alive
  11. Cancer
  12. Captured and killed (or tortured)
  13. Caught in a collapsing building/tunnel/dungeon
  14. Choking/strangulation
  15. Cow falling on top of you...only if you are a gnome
  16. Crucifixion
  17. Curse
  18. Decapitation
  19. Dehydration
  20. Disease
  21. Disintegrated
  22. Drawn and Quartered
  23. Drowning
  24. Eaten by rabid brownies (Cannibalized)
  25. Electrocution
  26. Elf touch
  27. Execution
  28. Exsanguination (bleeding to death)
  29. Falling
  30. Falling into an iced over lake
  31. Fire
  32. Flash Flood
  33. Flesh to Stone, followed by destroying the statue.
  34. Get a Battle Axe to the face
  35. Get Lazy, sleep for all eternity
  36. Heart Attack
  37. Heart eaten
  38. Hurricane
  39. Hyperthemia
  40. Hypothermia
  41. Illusion Magic (Phantasmal Killer, Weird)
  42. Impaled on a stake
  43. INT point going so low that PC forgets how to breath
  44. Killed by a monster
  45. Lack of air from high altitude
  46. Landslide
  47. Laugh to death
  48. Lava
  49. Light a target on fire (via spell, torch, ect.) then polymorph them into a cloud of hydrogen, and run
  50. Magic
  51. Make fun of an orc
  52. Massive Damage
  53. Matter explodes...body goes with it
  54. Pee on the third-rail (Electrocution)
  55. Perfect Jump check followed by natural 1 balance check
  56. Poison
  57. Pregnancy Complications (females only; -_-)
  58. Quicksand
  59. Quit the game
  60. Smoke Inhalation
  61. Sneeze and brain comes out
  62. Soul eaten
  63. Spastic Bowel
  64. Spell backfiring
  65. Spontaneous Combustion
  66. Standing between a dwarf and the last bottle of whisky
  67. Standing on wrong side of universal-still-point immovable rod
  68. Starve
  69. Storm
  70. Suicide
  71. Suffocation
  72. Swallowed Whole
  73. Teleported forward in time, then killed
  74. Told you don't exist...thus, breaking the fourth wall
  75. Tornado
  76. Trampled
  77. Traps
  78. Tumor
  79. Unlucky party member firing a ballista... into your combat...
  80. Weather

-From 100 Ways to Die(3.5e Other)


Moisture and Humidity[edit]


Ice and Snow[edit]


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