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Life and Society:[edit]

The Danath are a tribe ruled by women, and made up primarily of warrior women. Only one in twenty of those born to the Danath male, thus they have developed the tradition of capturing mates from other tribes or from travelers foolish enough to wander their lands. Such men are usually killed after they have 'served their purpose'. The few males born to the Danath are usually killed soon after they are born. The Danath are isolationist hunter-gatherers. They do not plant crops, but their priestesses do tend to extensive herb gardens. They are trained from an early age to be warriors and hunters, skilled in stealth. Such training begins as soon as the female child can walk. They make their homes in some of the densest jungle of Orisha, and worship the moon goddess Maradar. They ritually sacrifice captured males in their rites to the goddess. The concept of the balance of nature is known to the Danath, and they view themselves as protectors of the life-giving elements of the world. After all, they are women, the power of life is within them. As such, they keep the numbers in each band low so as to not over-hunt or otherwise abuse their environment. For this reason as well as their isolationist viewpoint (and the fact that those who do encounter them rarely survive), little detail is known about the Danath.






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