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Daegal (Zyanya Supplement)

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Life and Society:[edit]

Most of the legendary Falkor raiders and conquerors come from Daegal. The Daegal believe themselves blessed by the Norns (fates). They are the largest of the Falkor people, making them perhaps the largest humans in the known world.

They are known for their warlike spirit and ferocity (warblade academies favor Daegal students), and train all their people in the art of combat.

Daegal is a fairly segregated society. The men are raiders and warriors, while the women stay home to tend the farms and homes. Though a few women are warriors, most manage their estates. It is not unusual for husbands and wives to see each other only a few times a year. Women own the property, and thus have full rights in spite of the segregated society. Multiple queens have ruled Daegal, and most Daegal priests are female.

Daegal rarely use surnames. They usually append their father's name or village name to their own, and many often have nicknames such as Thorolf the Eagle-eyed.






Major Geographic Features:[edit]

Important Sites:[edit]


Population: 9,217 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Chaotic Good Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 6,907,500 Isolated; Humans: 8,848; Dwarves: 184; Elves: 11; Halflings: 0; Gnomes: 0; Half-Elves: 0; Half-Orcs: 81; Others: 93


Population: 10,172 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Chaotic Good Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 7,627,500 Mixed; Humans: 8,035; Dwarves: 915; Elves: 308; Halflings: 305; Gnomes: 203; Half-Elves: 101; Half-Orcs: 101; Others: 204

Diplomatic Relations:[edit]

Current Events:[edit]

Character Creation Info:[edit]


Regional Feats:[edit]

Regional Weapons:[edit]


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