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<onlyinclude><!-- If your equipment is an armor, use the first template and delete the second. If your equipment is a weapon, use the second template and delete the first. If your equipment is neither, delete both. For help using the templates, see [[Template:d20M Armor]] or [[Template:d20M Weapon]] remember to move all the comment tags and extraneous text before you save. If you are not using any parameters with the (opt) designation, remove them entirely. REMOVE THIS ENTIRE LINE --> {{d20M Armor |PL=<!--PL Number--> |country=<!--(opt) possessive country--> |descriptor= <!-- (opt) extra description --> |type=<!--Archaic, Concealable, Impromptu, Tactical --> |proficiency=<!-- Light, Medium, Heavy, Powered --> |bonus=<!-- Armor Bonus --> |nonprof=<!-- Nonproficient armor bonus --> |maxdex=<!--Maximum Dex Bonus --> |speed=<!--Speed for a character with 30 ft. move speed, including unit --> |penalty=<!--Armor penalty --> |spellfailure=<!-- (opt) Arcane spell failure chance --> |weight=<!-- Weight of armor, including units --> |cost=<!-- Purchase DC --> |restriction=<!-- (opt) Lic (+1), Res (+2), Mil (+3), Illegal (+4) --> }} {{d20M Weapon |PL=<!--PL Number--> |country=<!-- (opt) possessive country--> |caliber=<!-- (opt) caliber of weapon --> |descriptor=<!-- (opt) extra description --> |type=<!-- Type of weapon --> |proficiency=<!-- Type of proficiency required, with wikilink --> |damage=<!-- Weapon damage --> |damagetype=<!-- Type of damage dealt --> |magnumber=<!-- (opt) Number of rounds the weapon holds --> |magtype=<!-- (opt) Type of magazine --> |crit=<!-- (opt) Critical threat range and multiplier. --> |size=<!-- Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Gargantuan --> |weight=<!-- Weight of weapon, including units --> |range=<!--Range of weapon, including units --> |rof=<!-- (opt) Rate of fire of weapon, if it has one --> |cost=<!-- Purchase DC --> |restriction=<!-- (opt) Lic (+1), Res (+2), Mil (+3), Illegal (+4) --> }} <!--If not creating an armor or weapon, you can use this section to create a table of relevant stats. Otherwise, delete the "Description" heading below. --> ==== Description ==== <!-- Description of your Equipment. Don't include game rules. --> ==== d20 Modern Rules ==== <!-- Include in this section any relevant game rules. Don't include anything that's already stated in the table. --> ---- {{d20 Modern Equipment Breadcrumb}} [[Category:d20M]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] <!-- Select One from each of the following sets --> [[Category:Mundane]] [[Category:Wondrous Item]] [[Category:Armor]] [[Category:General Equipment]] [[Category:Weapon]] <!--If armor, choose one--> [[Category:Light Armor]] [[Category:Medium Armor]] [[Category:Heavy Armor]] [[Category:Powered Armor]] [[Category:Shield]] <!--If weapon, choose all that apply--> [[Category:Ranged Weapon]] [[Category:Melee Weapon]] [[Category:Thrown Weapon]] [[Category:Rifle]] [[Category:Pistol]] [[Category:Heavy Weapon]] [[Category:Grenade]] [[Category:Mine]] <!--Select One--> [[Category:Progress Level 0]] [[Category:Progress Level 1]] [[Category:Progress Level 2]] [[Category:Progress Level 3]] [[Category:Progress Level 4]] [[Category:Progress Level 5]] [[Category:Progress Level 6]] [[Category:Progress Level 7]] [[Category:Progress Level 8]] [[Category:Progress Level 9+]]</onlyinclude>

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