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The true nature of Cylons and their creator is knowledge lost to the ages. As far back as anyone can remember, Cylons have always existed, and they have been feared just as long. They are despised throughout the planes as a race of genocidal mass murderers. For this reason, most cultures will execute known Cylons.

This race is divided into two different subsets, Centurions and Humanoid. Humanoid Cylons act exactly like normal members of whatever race they are impersonating. The Centurions resemble the Warforged race in all respects and are identical in their stats and abilities.

A Cylon's actual race remains a secret to all who knows them. Their true racial identity is sometimes even unknown to themselves. These sleeper Cylons can be telepathically "activated" or given the knowledge that they are in fact Cylons. At that point, they must decide how they will choose to live their lives, to continue on as who they are while harboring their a dark secret, or embrace their true nature and work toward the Cylon agenda.

Physical Description[edit]

Humanoid Cylons are identical to whatever race they are impersonating.


Cylons, given that they can appear as any race, can secretly get along with any race. However, if someone is known to be a Cylon, they are feared, hated, and commonly executed if captured. Cylons have a deep racial hatred for humans and actively seek their extinction. Very few examples of good relations between Human and Cylon can be counted.


Cylons work for their own ends and thus are generally of chaotic alignments.


Cylons come from a home colony, the location of which is unknown. The only way to access their homeworld is via a portal, the exit of which is heavily guarded making it nigh impossible to infiltrate.


Most Cylons believe in an unnamed Cylon god. Several, however, do not follow this thinking, and Cylons have been known to worship at all temples.


All Cylons speak common and the base language of whichever race they are impersonating.


Cylons take on the names traditional to the impersonated race. Among their own kind, however, they are referred to by model number.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Charisma. The creators of the Cylon race gifted them with the ability to resurrect when killed, thus did not grant them a hearty constitution. They did, however, gift them with increased strength and charisma to aid in their tasks of infiltration and destruction.
  • +2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy, -3 Heal. Cylons are experts in the field of deception, but do not care much about healing, given their ability to resurrect.
  • Cylon base land speed is the same as that of the impersonated race
  • Cylon Resurrection - When a Cylon is killed their consciousness is telepathically transmitted back to their home colony and manifests itself in a new body.

The ability to resurrect makes death for Cylons a learning experience. Therefore, when killed in combat, a Cylon receives half the amount of experience points they would have received were they victorious. The resurrection process can be repeated infinitely every time a Cylon dies. The process takes 1d3 days +6 hours for each time they have gone through the resurrection process. Their new body is given a set of basic clothing similar to what they remember wearing at the time of their death. They are sent via a portal to a location near where they died in hopes of retrieving their equipment and continuing their quest.

  • If a Character who does not know they were a Cylon dies, the secret is revealed to them at that time.
  • Due to their ability to resurrect, Cylons do not gain hit points as one normally would. Cylons gain hit points at a rate equal to 1/2 the normal rate for their class.
  • Cylonic communication - Cylons can speak telepathically to each other only if both individuals are aware of their Cylon nature. This behaves as the spell Message and has 1+lvl uses per day.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Base language of the impersonated race. Bonus Languages: Any non-secret languages.
  • Favored Class: Rogue
  • Level Adjustment: +0

Vital Statistics[edit]

As Cylons do not age naturally and after death they are reborn into a new identical body, there are no age modifiers for this race. Cylons are simply created at an age and will stay at that age permanently.

When a character learns they are a Cylon through either death and resurrection, learning the information, or Cylon activation, they go through a traumatic process of self crisis. At this time their alignment can change and their base stats change to accommodate Cylon race stats.

For base height and weight statistics, look up the race your Cylon is impersonating for the required information.

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