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A type of Golem made from non-precious crystals. The crystalline golums have sacrificed their size and power for mental ability. They have the same mental capacity as a human and are surprisingly social, though most species will not trust them quickly. Crystalline are masters at crafting with metal/stone or their own crystal body, producing small creatures and weapons.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5.8-6.2ft
Average Weight: 200-350
Ability Scores: +2 Dex, +2 Int
Size: medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Lowlight
Languages: common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Dungeoneering +1 Theivery
Recharge:: Gain no benefits from extended rest. Instead you may Recharge: eating soft substances will refresh you like an extended rest. Recharge takes 2 hours and 1/20 your body weight in substances, on average 15 pounds.
Human form:: Crystalline appear human, any close range spot check will show that they are not.
Construct:: Construct traits. No hit point bonus and has a constitution score. Effected by energy drain or any effect that requires a Fortitude save.
Crystal Shape: Able to use the Crystal Shape power.

Crystal Shape Cystalline Racial Power
Being made of simple crystals, it only seems natural you can manipulate them.
Standard Action Self, touch.
Prerequisite: Crystalline
Target: Self, Non-precious crystals.
Effect: You can form an existing piece of crystal into any shape that suits your purpose. There is a 30% chance that any shape that includes moving parts simply doesn’t work.

Crystalline can use their Crystal Shape ability to appear human, however even a simple check can see it is a disguise. This is more to fit in than to fool people.

Many Crystalline are attached to random object with no real purpose, and will sometimes steal items from others for no reason, or take a random item off a dead body without knowing why. Elder Crystalline have large storerooms for random items they treasure.

All crystalline are created by the elder crystalline and then sent out into human society to learn of the world. They do not know who originally created them.

Play a Crystalline if you want...

  • A skilled craftsman.
  • The ability to shape your own body.
  • You want to be a Construct without being slow.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Their body is made of crystal that has been brought to life and gifted with higher thought. However in an attempt to better fit in to normal society the outer layer of crystal can be crafted to appear like human skin, it is soft and warm like normal skin. They may appear male or female depending on what they chose when they joined a community, most will not drastically change there appearance as it would stand out, and creating a new look takes time to master.

Playing a Crystalline[edit]

The crystalline are in a mental and spiritual awakening. They are quick to learn and take from the culture around them, just as a child from its parents. This means a Crystalline will normally follow the attitudes, mannerisms, and possible even religion of the area they are in. However without direct teaching they do not understand law, fear death, and are prone to acts that seems very out of place. If believed to be a human they can fit into society well, but when people know they are a golem they are treated as such.

Crystalline Characteristics: Crystalline are fascinated by new things, and generally do not follow law unless they had a more human upbringing, meaning that they are generally not lawful. Depending on how they are normally treated in their adopted community they are generally kind to people if they were in turn kind, or hate people if that was how they were treated. Because they can so easily repair themselves threw recharging and are immune to things that so many around them can die from they can be very reckless and adventurist.

Male Names: Names matching the area they are in.

Female Names: Names matching the area they are in.

Crystalline Adventurers[edit]

A normal adventure for a crystalline is usually one to discover more about themselves and how they were originally created. Or how to become stronger or smarter, Growing in power is always something they strive for.

However they will sometimes accompany humans on quests for no reason other than to have an adventure, or to protect a human they have become attached to.

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