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The Cricalans ruled an empire across Lagrisi long ago. Soon it fell and now they hide in small tribes in Cricala. They are few and their race is dying slowly. A few cricalans leave the nest-cities in the high peaks and even fewer leave Lagrisi for other lands.


Secretive and cunning, Cricalans usually keep to themselves in their mountainous land of Cricala. They are good at hiding, mostly due to their plumage's color.

Physical Description[edit]

Cricalans are average about 5 and a half feet. Their bones are hollow which allow them to fly making them light, usually around 100 pounds. Their skin is brown beneath their plumage, the feathers are usually fitting to their environment (brown, white, black, etc. depending on the mountains that they live in). Cricalan eyes are usually green or yellow, with a rare few chosen of Kindorsian having purple eyes. They look much like aarackocras. Kindorsian's chosen usually have white feathers and always have purple eyes.



Cricalans are secretive but welcoming to most other races.

Humans: Cricalans ruled the human tribes beneath their mountains and love to use humans as pawns. Humans don't like when Cricalans use them as such, but the tribes beneath the mountains worship the Cricalans and would gladly throw themselves in front of an arrow to save one.

Gnomes: Cricalans hate gnomes for beginning to colonize their lands and usually scare them off or kill them if they get to close to their nest-city. Some cricalans go off in hunting parties called Gonii to slay gnomes. Gnomes see Cricalans as yet another enemy to destroy and remake their land in the Industrial Glory.

Elves: Elves get along with Cricalans and they usually form alliances, though elves find the Cricalans hate of gnomes strange. Some drow cities near the surface trade with evil cricalan nest-cities.

Dwarves: The duergar and Cricalans fight over Cricala's caverns, so Cricalans are suspicious of dwarves. Some dwarves(Duergar the most)love to kill Cricalans to sell their feathers.

Halflings: Having traded with the halfling tribes who migrated to northern Cricala's gentle plains, Cricalans generally are on good terms with halflings.

Goblinoids:The goblins in the desert lands beneath Cricala's peaks are greedy and insane, chopping down trees in their vast lumber camps and getting bugbears to destroy villages to further their miniature empires. Cricalans hate them nearly as much as they do gnomes.

Wemics:The wemics live in the fields to the west of the desert the goblinoids inhabit. The Cricalans trust some of them, but some have gotten to close to the gnomes who corrupt those fields and many Cricalans don't know why the druidic wemics would side with the industrial gnomes.


Cricalans are usually neutral some leaning towards good if they are Kindorsian's chosen, or evil due to their hate of gnomes.


Cricalans live mostly in the high peaks of Cricala. Mountains are where they feel the best. There they build elaborate nest-cities.

Society and Culture[edit]

Cricalans live in nest-cities which combine rock towers with nests atop them and cliff faces full of caverns with even more nests and other areas, such as a shrine or “restcaves” (like inns).

When Cricalans reach about 20 years old, they begin to mate with other Cricalans of the opposite gender and the two become bound together. The female lays about 3-5 eggs in spring which hatch in late fall.

Cricalans mourn their dead and keep their dead in vast caves underneath the main nest-city. Those killed away from their nest-cities are usually burned on pyres so that their ashes can rise to the skies and find their way to Kindorsian's throne.

Tribe Structure[edit]

Skyspeaker-The local priest of Kindorsian is the tribe's ruler. They are advised by numerous Cricalans.

Head Advisor-The head advisor to the Skyspeaker and usually a trainee priest.

Hunting Advisor-An advisor to the Skyspeaker on hunting.

War Advisor-An advisor to the Skyspeaker on war.

Supply Adisor-An advisor to the Skyspeaker on supplies.


Cricalans worship the Skylord, Kindorsian. Kindorsian is said to rule the highest peak in Cricala 'The Throne of Skies'. Kindorsian's priests rule the Cricalan nest-cities and are known as Skyspeakers.


Cricalans speak Cricalan, a language akin to bird vocalizations but more sophisticated. Many learn Common and other languages of the nearby people.


Cricalans are given a name by the Skyspeaker of their tribe and usually are compound words with a last name that is their tribes.

Male: Skywatcher, Windwalker, Airlord, Cloudstalker, Skyrunner

Female: Mooneye, Misthealer, Starsong, Rainsong, Moonmaiden

Surnames: Wistiklia, Fuindor, Miikir, Onddir, Kiurssin

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Stat Bonuses: -2 Str, +4 Dex. The frail bones of the Cricalans makes them weak but able to move quicker.
  • +10 racial bonus to Jump checks. Cricalans wings aid them in jumping.
  • Automatic Language: Cricalan. Bonus Languages:Any(Other than secret languages,such as Druidic.) Cricalans enjoy learning many languages to improve their knowledge of the world.
  • Favored Class: Rogue.
  • Level Adjustment:+1


This race is unique to the Crivis campaign setting. With some changes though you could drop Cricala into any world, it could be some random mountain range with warring goblin tribes nearby and wemics(or some other druidic tribal peoples)somewhere in the vicinity. It would work best in a wilderness area being settled by gnomes, humans, dwarves, and any other industrializing races you could think of.

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