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Create True Undead[edit]

You bend over the corpse of a slain creature, applying mystic salves. As you finish the final Arcane incantations, the creature's eyes open as it is brought into unlife.

Level: 1 Component Cost: 10 gp +5 gp per level
Category: Creation Market Price: 25 gp
Time: 20 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Permanent

To perform the Create Undead ritual, you must have the corpse of a dead creature. You apply mystic salves, and recite sepulchral chants of necromantic power to grant it unlife(making it an undead) . Thereafter the creature in question is under your command and will obey any order given by you to the best of its ability. However, it can only understand basic commands such as; attack, guard this position or stay. Typically, undead created in this manner are used by necromancers as pack mules, guards or minions in combat. This ritual can be used to create any form of undead creature whose level is equal or below yours (for example; a 4th level character can create a Rotwing zombie or any other undead creature of 4th level or lower). This ritual does not allow creation of sentient undead (such as: vampires, skull lords, flame skulls, lichs, etc). This ritual can create any undead who's intelligence is 10 or less providing the creature does not need to have a soul or can only be created by others of its kind. This ritual also does not allow the creation of an undead creature of which the body would not allow (for example, you cannot create a Rotwing Zombie if the body does not have wings. You can however, create a flame skeleton from a creature that is not already on fire providing you set it alight during the ritual). The following creatures can be created through this ritual; any Zombie, any Skeleton, any Wraith, any Specter, standard Ghouls, Mummy Guardians and Giant Mummies. The caster can control one minion per tier (one at heroic, two at paragon, and three at epic) If this limit is exceeded then the oldest minion is destroyed to make room for the new one.

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