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Covenant Plane[edit]

Plane Traits[edit]

The Covenant Plane has only one layer, a meeting room for the gods. Portraits of gods both living and dead hang on the white marble wall, below a massive dome below which stand a massive amount of seats, each reserved for a god living, dead, or not yet born. At the center lies the throne of the Overgod Aesasris.

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Gravity is normal on the Covenant Plane.
  • Time: Time on the Covenant Plane is Timeless. Poison is stopped here, healing magic does not work, and hunger, thirst, aging and the need for sleep are removed. However, when you leave for a plane with normal time, these effects begin again.
  • Size: The Covenant Plane is about 10 miles wide.
  • Morphic: The Covenant Plane is Alterable Morphic.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: No Element dominates on the Covenant Plane.
  • Energy Dominance: No energy dominates on the Covenant Plane.
  • Alignment Trait: The Covenant Plane is mildly Neutral-aligned.
  • Magic Trait: Magic is cast as normal on the Covenant Plane.

Plane Links[edit]

The Covenant Plane links to all divine Planes and the Prime.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Movement and Combat[edit]

Movement and combat are as normal.

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