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The Stars[edit]


The Astral sea takes the place of the medium all of creation is nestled in. The rifts of energy, the stars, are visible from all over the world. Some of these stars are actually magical rifts to other dimensions, the planes. But the black holes are a different matter. These rifts create a link to the Far Realm, where fantasys and reality mix to create abberations, or create new worlds from the fiction of another. Majour constellations are the Bear, the Sword, The Eye and the Gate. There is a large moon that glows green-cyan, that hints at a hospitable moon. Dwarf moons, little more than molten blobs of rock orbit the main moon, then at each full moon the world's gravity pulls the dwarfs into its orbit. Once every hundred and seven years the moons all orbit the main moon, or all around the world, alternating each period. When all the moons orbit the main moon, it is said the Shadowfell fuses with the natural world, creating a period of time where monster migrate and magic renews the power of Items and latent charms. The Feywild fuses with the world when all moons orbit the world, and it is said that the plants gain sentinence in that one month of alignment.


The Celestial Realm, once the heavens and stars of the material world, is destroyed and barren. There are no stars in the sky. Kyrae had a moon, but this was destroyed in the great cataclysm. Instead, a large debris field surrounds Kyrae, orbiting the planet as a ring. This ring is laced with purples, silver and whites, ancient remnants of the moon. The Shadowfell and Feywild in Kyrae once were and still are seperate planes of existence, but they merge with the natural world in the center of the valley. Fey creatures and plants are naturally occuring in the great swamp in the center of the Valley, and Shadowfell beasts and abberations roam the world at night, repulsed only by light. The extreme magic of this rift causes wild magic surges periodically.


The Celestial Heavens of Farfallen are merged directly with the natural world, supressing arcane magic and permeating the world with divine energy. Rising high enough into the air would not, as in other worlds, reach outer space but instead would let you arrive in the Astral Sea. There is a single moon in Farfallen, silver and smooth. On the far side of this moon is a divine station for travellers to and from the material world and the celestial realm. The feywild and shadowfell are supressed by the astral sea, existing only by will of the gods. As such, fey and magical beasts are rare if not impossible sights. Stars litter the night sky, and are visible even in the most light polluted cities. Stars representing the gods are visible anytime during the day.

The Planes[edit]

In LAI, the worlds share all of the main planes, or at least variations of them. They are all linked by Laijan Gates which surpass the planes in a type of nexus realm. This nexus realm links not just to Ourland, Farfallen and ThunderVally, but also to worlds where Laijan made their mark. This nexus realm has links to anywhere that has the ability to create their own gate and, if a gate is damaged, can randomly deposit a traveller into a completely unattached world.

Inner Planes[edit]

The inner planes, mirror versions of the world without any discernible differences besides one crucial element, exist around the Feywild and Shadowfell. The defination of an Inner Plane is that it contains a mirrored version of the world, has one difference affecting reality within that plane and the creatures within cannot interact with a foreign-plane visitor, though they can interact with those from the natural world, Shadowfell and Feywild. Discovered Inner Planes:

Name Properties Effect
Static Realm A plane where nothing moves besides from direct interaction by local inhabitants. Nothing moves under action of the PC
Sonic Realm A high pitched tone screechs across the land, affecting concentration. -5 penalty to Perception and a -2 penalty to attack rolls, unless affected creatures are deafend.
Warped Realm This realm bends and contorts underneath your feat. All terrain is difficult terrain, -5 penalty to athletics and acrobatics.
Add New Realm Please feel free to add your own planes on this page. Seriously.

Outer Planes[edit]

The outer planes are worlds that resemble the natural world, but have majour differences like excess spires, or overdone chasms or complete replacement of an element. The elemental planes exist in this area, as does Limbo and The Celestial Heavens, where the dead go. Discovered Outer Planes:

Name Properties Effect
Elemental Planes A mirror world made out of entirely one element. Ongoing 1d4 elmental damage if not wearing protection, plane of water requires breathing equipment or magic.
Limbo A realm where the scene changes regularly. Never on the PC's visits is anything resemblent of the last time, though the basic structure is vaguley the same.
The Heavens A realm of paradise and joy. While on this plane, you cannot die, though you can be banished and die in a different plane by silvered weaponry.
The Far Realm Space and Time shift in this mirror world Time outside this plane does not pass, spacial rifts create random terrain.
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