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This metal looks like iron or steel, but there appears to be blotches of rusted areas about the size of a thumbnail in random places on its surface. Despite its rusted appearance it is as hard as normal iron and steel in all respects except as followed.

Corrusium causes non-magical metals to immediately rust on contact with corrusium. Only non-magical metals are affected, creatures made from metal, such as Constructs are considered magical and therefore not subject to corrusium rust effects.

Non-magical metal will be called METAL for short within the text below.
  • All corrusium objects cause 1 Sq. ft. of unoccupied METAL to be destroyed per round that it is in contact to that metal(no save).
  • Corrusium weapons in addition to normal damage, also deal 1d6 rust damage directly to armor or shield's hardness (not both).
  • Corrusium armor/shield when struck by METAL weapons cause 1d6 rust damage directly to the METAL weapon's hp, this includes successful sunders(damage to the corrusium armor/shield and wearer still apply).

Crafting objects of corrusium is difficult, magical metals can resist being rusts by corrusium. The DC for creating corrusium armors, shields, weapons, and equipment increases by 5. Use of magical tools or spells, such as fabricate negate the DC+5 increase mentioned earlier. The majority of this raw ore is ground into a sand-like quality to create Corrusium Sand. When creating Corrusium Sand the DC increase of 5 doesn't apply.

Corrusium has a hardness 10 and 30 hit points per inch of thickness.

Material costs

Type of Corrusium Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +80 gp
Light armor +7,000 gp
Medium armor +14,000 gp
Heavy armor +21,000 gp
Shield +2,600 gp
Weapon +5,000 gp
Pound, Refined Ore 350 gp
Pound, Raw Ore 250 gp

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