Conversions (Simiran Supplement)

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Table: Conversions

Metric Simiran
Centimeters:1.2 Sangras: 1
Meters:1.2 Bowlengths: 1
Kilometers:1.2 Treks:1
Centiliter:1.2 Droplet:1
Liter:1.2 Glass:1
Decaliter: 1.2 Jug: 1
Kilaliter:1.2 Sea:1
Second:2.5 Period:1
Hours:4.167 Span:1
Day:1.0425 Turn:1
Year:3.287 Revolution: 1
Celsius: 2 Heat Levels: 1

Table: Conversions

Period: 100 Span: 1
Span:6 Length:1
Length:1251 Revolution:1
Revolutions:100 Age:1

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