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Greater Deity
Symbol: a blond human mother
Home Plane: Where ever the work is but usually at her own domain
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Pleasure, beauty, and sex
Clergy Alignments: CN, CG, CE, N, NG, NE
Domains: Water, Healing, Fire
Favored Weapon: None

She is often depicted as a blond mother, with a child in each arm . This is for Our World.


She felt a great responsibility as the new god of the church of Conni, and she saw of her self as a mother to her followers. She stressed the need for personal time, and believed sex to be an excellent way to release stress. She also spoke about not giving up duty for pleasure, though, and would be horrified at the churches current condition. Her "mother" is Conni.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Her clergy are very few in the church of Conni now, and they are considered a "remnant of the old ways." Her temples are the same as Conni III, and her patrons hope for one of theirs to rise to the seat of Conni.


Conni I is a deity within the Conni pantheon.

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