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The Conduit[edit]

<-general description->.

Making a Conduit[edit]

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<-Strong points and weak points, and effectiveness with party members.->.

Abilities: <-description of most important attributes for this class->.

Races: <-description of relative likelihood of various races to join this class->.

Alignment: <-alignments allowed for this class, or write "Any"->.

Starting Gold: <-starting gold; YdZ->×10 gp (<-average starting gold. This calculated by multiplying the number of die rolls by the die size plus one and mulitplying the result by 5 [Y × (Z + 1) × 5].-> gp).

Starting Age: <-Select "Simple" or "As rogue", "Moderate" or "As fighter", or "Complex" or "As wizard", to let players know which starting age category to use for 1st-level characters->.

Table: The Conduit

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +0 +2 Payback (Attack)
2nd +2 +3 +0 +3 Absorb Spell (1st)
3rd +3 +3 +1 +3 Stockpile (1 Round)
4th +4 +4 +1 +4 Absorb Spell (2nd), Magical Lightning Rod 5ft
5th +5 +4 +1 +4 Payback (Touch Attack or Weapon)
6th +6/+1 +5 +2 +5 Absorb Spell (3rd), Stockpile (2 Rounds)
7th +7/+2 +5 +2 +5 Fast Healing 1, Shield Other
8th +8/+3 +6 +2 +6 Absorb Spell (4th), Magical Lightning Rod 10ft
9th +9/+4 +6 +3 +6 Stockpile (3 Rounds)
10th +10/+5 +7 +3 +7 Absorb Spell (5th), Fast Healing 2, Payback (Ranged Touch Attack)
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +3 +7 Steal Spell Effect
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +4 +8 Absorb Spell (6th),Magical Lightning Rod 15ft, Stockpile (4 Rounds)
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +4 +8 Dual Spell Conversion, Fast Healing 3
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +4 +9 Absorb Spell (7th), Improved Shield Other
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +5 +9 Payback (Cone), Stockpile (5 Rounds)
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +5 +10 Absorb Spell (8th), Fast Healing 4, Magical Lightning Rod 20ft
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 Unyielding Relay
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +11 Absorb Spell (9th), Stockpile (6 Rounds)
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +11 Fast Healing 5, Painless
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +12 Aftermath, Blood Lust, Magical Lightning Rod 25ft

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Ride (Dex), Spellcraft (Int),Swim (Str).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the conduit.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The conduit is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Payback (Su): The Conduit learns how to take the pain and dish it right back next round. At 1st level, a conduit may absorb the damage from a single physical attack, they still take the damage, but their body uses the pain to make themselves more powerful. Within one round of absorbing the attack, the Conduit may make an unarmed strike as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If this attack hits, instead of dealing damage as an unarmed strike, it deals damage equal to the amount of damaged absorbed. Once an attack is absorbed, he cannot absorb another one until he releases the damage from the first one.

At 5th level, the conduit may make a touch attack instead of an unarmed strike, or add the payback damage to an attack with any weapon.

At 10th level, the conduit may make a ranged touch attack with a range of thirty feet.

At 15th level, the conduit may release his payback damage as a 20ft cone with a reflex save (DC = conduit level + Con modifier) for half damage.

Absorb Spell (Su): A conduit eventually learns how to absorb the magic from a spell cast at him. At second level, if the conduit makes his save against a 1st level spell targeting him, he still suffers the effects of the spell, but he gains that spell as a spell like ability for a number of rounds equal to the highest level spell he can absorb. Once he uses the spell like ability, the spell is gone. The caster level of the spell is equal to the caster level of whoever cast it. If the spell does not provide a save, the conduit may still try and absorb it by succeeding at a will save equal to what the save would be if that spell had a save. The conduit may only absorb area effect spells if he is the only one in the area.

Every 2 levels after second, the conduit may absorb spells at the next highest level.

The conduit may store multiple spells, as long as the total spell level of the spells does not exceed the highest level spell he may hold. For example, a 12th level conduit may store a 6th level spell, or a 5th level and 1st level spell, but not a 5th level and 2nd level spell.

Stockpile (Su): The conduit learns how to hold onto the pain its experienced even longer, only to release it to devastating effect. At 3rd level, the conduit may absorb a full rounds worth of damage, and use it with his payback ability damage. Once a round of damage is absorbed, he may not absorb anymore damage until his payback ability is used. He may absorb an additional round of damage at every third level.

The conduit may now also wait to perform his payback ability for up to a number of rounds equal to how many rounds he may stockpile damage. For example, an 18th level conduit may absorb 6 rounds of damage and hold on to it for another 6 rounds before releasing it.

Magical Lightning Rod (Su): The conduit learns how attune his body so that magic becomes attracted to him, like a magnet. At 4th level, if a spell is cast at anyone within five feet of him, the conduit may make a will save equal to the will save of the spell. If the save is successful, the spell targets the conduit instead of the original target. He may now also absorb area effect spells that only target him and characters within 5 feet of him. this distance increases by 5 at every 4th level.

Fast Healing (Su): A conduits body absorbs so much pain that it must learn to heal itself of all the damage it takes. At 7th level, the conduit gains fast healing 1, he gains an additional point of fast healing every three levels past 7.

Shield Other (Ex): The conduit learns how to step in front of an ally and take a hit for them. If the conduit is adjacent to an ally who is damaged by an attack, the conduit may choose to take half of the damage for the ally.

Steal Spell Effect (Su): The conduit has learned so much about absorbing damage and magic, that he may actively absorb the benefits of a spell off of an enemy. At 11th level, a conduit may make a touch attack against a target as a standard action. If the attack is successful, the conduit and target make opposing will saves, if the conduit wins, he gains one of the spell effects on the target for every 5 points higher his will save was. If the Target is willing to give the conduit a spell effect, the opposing will save is not necessary and he may make touch the target as a free action. The duration of the effect is whatever is left of the original duration.

Dual Spell Conversion (Su): The conduit learns how to use eldritch energy to fuel his payback. At 13th level, the conduit may now stockpile magical damage for use in his payback ability, regardless of whether he absorbs the spell or not.

Improved Shield Other (Ex): At 14th level, the conduit may take all the damage that would be dealt to an adjacent ally.

Unyielding Relay (Su): The conduit has been hit with so many different types of magic, that his body slowly begins to become immune to it. At 17th level, the conduit gains spell resistance equal to his level + 10. Even if a spell fails to bypass the conduits spell resistance, the conduit may still attempt to absorb the spell.

Painless (Ex): The conduit has experienced so much pain that his body stops feeling it. At 19th level, he becomes immune to nonlethal damage, fatigue and exhaustion.

Aftermath (Su): The conduit has learned to hold in his pain so well, that it only release upon his death. At 20th level, if the conduit falls to 0 Hp, dies, or is knocked unconscious, any damage he stockpiled is released in a 20ft burst around his body, with a reflex save for half damage.

Blood Lust (Su): When a Conduit reaches the peak of his abilities, he learns how to focus all the pain around him into his body. At 20th level, at the beginning of the conduits turn, he may, as a free action, begin a blood lust round. Until his next turn, the conduit adds all damage dealt to anyone to his absorded damage. He may do this a number of times per day equal to his constitution modifier.

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Epic Conduit[edit]

Table: The Epic <-class name->

Hit Die: d<-Die size for Hit Die->

Level Special
21st Stockpile (7 Rounds)
22nd Bonus Feat
24th Magical Lightning Rod 30ft, Stockpile (8 Rounds)
25th Bonus Feat
27th Stockpile (9 Rounds)
28th Bonus Feat, Magical Lightning Rod 35ft
30th Stockpile (10 Rounds)

<-number of skill points-> + Int modifier skill points per level.

<-existing class feature->: <-how this class feature increases or accumulates at epic levels->

<-another existing class feature->: <-how this class feature increases or accumulates at epic levels->

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Bonus Feats: The epic <-class name-> gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic <-class name-> bonus feats) every <-number of feats per level-> levels after 20th.

Epic Conduit Bonus Feat List: <-list of bonus epic feats->.

<-Sample race of your choice-> <-class name-> Starting Package[edit]

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Weapons: <-Weapon selection for starting at 1st level with this class.->.

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor
<-Skill name-> <-4 for class skills and 2 for cross-class skills-> <-Abbrieviated key ability-> <-armor check penalty based on starting armor. If innapplicable put "—"->
<-Skill name-> <-4 for class skills and 2 for cross-class skills-> <-Abbrieviated key ability-> <-armor check penalty based on starting armor. If innapplicable put "—"->

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Feat: <-1st-level feat selection->.

Bonus Feats: <-1st-level feat bonus feats due to class or sample race. remove this section if this sample doesn't get any bonus feats at 1st level. ->.

Gear: <-Starting armor and other equipment outside of weapons.->.

Gold: <-Starting gold using this package.->.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Conduit[edit]

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Religion: A Conduit has no religious requirement.

Other Classes: <-How this class typically interacts with other classes and how characters of this class interact with characters of other classes->.

Combat: A Conduit is usually at the front of the team, as they are good with taking damage.

Advancement: <-Typical advancement options for characters with this class. Include desirable multiclass options->.

Conduits in the World[edit]

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<-Some quote from a character of this class->
—<-NPC name->, <-race-> <-class->

<-Where characters of this class fit in a d20 world.->

Daily Life: <-day in the life of a character of this class->.

Notables: <-notable NPCs of this class->.

Organizations: <-info on what, where, when, and how characters of this class congregate and assemble->.

NPC Reactions: <-How NPCs react to PCs of this class->.

Conduit Lore[edit]

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Characters with ranks in <-the appropriate skills-> can research <-pluralized class name-> to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
5 A conduit is a specific type of fighter that specializes in dealing damage back to their enemies.
10 <-not so common knowledge->.
15 <-rare information->.
20 <-very rare information->.

Conduits in the Game[edit]

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<-How characters of this class fit in the game (PC and NPC) and what roles they play.->

Adaptation: <-Possible variant conceptions of this class.->.

Sample Encounter: <-DM placement for NPCs of this class.->.

EL : <-Encounter scenario and character info on sample NPC including stat block. The CR of the NPC is typically the same as the EL for the encounter.->.

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