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I told you I can't sleep without Teddy!

Comfort Object[edit]

You have developed a dependency for an object, environment, or person and you have difficulty sleeping without it.
Prerequisite: You must have endured a sleepless night without your Comfort Object.
Effect: Any time you try to sleep without your Comfort Object, you must make a Will save (DC 10 + half your ECL) or be fatigued the next day due to a restless night. This fatigue stacks and may result in exhaustion if combined with another fatigue factor.
Benefit: Bonus Feat
Special: The Comfort Object should be something that CAN (and will) be taken away (Otherwise it's not a flaw).
Roleplaying Ideas: The Comfort Object can be anything you can justify including but not limited to, a doll, lucky underpants, a lover, the sleeping bag your grandma made you just before she died, etc. The Comfort Object could also be an enviornmental condition such as only being able to sleep in a fancy inn.

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