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Combine Hunter-Chopper[edit]


Combine Hunter-Chopper

Crew 2
Pass 0
Cargo 321lbs
Init. -2
Maneuver -1
Top Speed 150 (15)
Defense 5
Hardness 10
Hit Points 42
Size H
Purchase DC 45
Restriction Mil +4

Combine Hunter-Chopper[edit]


The Combine-Hunter Chopper is the crown jewel of the Combine Air Assault Force. It is fast, light, maneuverable, durable, and above all, well armed. It is equipped with a Hunter-M12 Pulse Cannon.

The Hunter-Chopper also has a stock of 50 inflatable mines. These mines detonate on impact with a target moving at approximately 50 miles per hour or more, but they only activate after they are dropped and hit the ground. These mines are timed as well, so if they do not come in contact with a moving target, they detonate in 1 round.

The gunner can drop 1 mine as a move action, meaning that he can drop 2 mines per round.

A Hunter-Chopper can go into an emergency mode, at which point it empties all remaining mines in a 50 ft cone around the chopper. In this mode, it can drop 10 mines per round.

If grabbed with the 0 Point Energy Feild Manipulator, a mine will lengthen it's detonation time to 2 rounds instead of 1.

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