Combine H2 Shotgun (D20 Modern Equipment)

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Combine H2 Shotgun[edit]

A Combine H2 Shotgun
Size Large
Critical 20
Range Increment 15ft
Type Ballistic
Purchase DC 25
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage 2d10
Rate of Fire S
Magazine 6 Int
Weight 42lbs

Combine H2 Shotgun[edit]

The Combine H2 Shotgun is a combat shotgun that launches buckshot rounds in a narrow cone. It is used extensively by the Overwatch forces. It has two modes of fire. The first fires a single buckshot munition that spreads in a 10 ft cone after it passes the range increment. Creatures within the cone take half damage are not subject to critical hits. The secondary mode of fire launches two rounds of buckshot at an effective range of 5 ft, spreading into a 10 ft cone after it goes beyond maximum range. Creatures within this cone take 2d10 points of damage each. It takes a move action to reload two rounds, taking 4 move actions to reload the entire thing.

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