Combine APC (D20 Modern Vehicle)

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Combine APC[edit]

A Combine Armored Personnel Carrier.


Crew 1
Pass 2
Cargo 425lbs
Init. -2
Maneuver -2
Top Speed 180 (18)
Defense 8
Hardness 12
Hit Points 65
Size L
Purchase DC 35
Restriction Mil +3

Combine APC[edit]

The Combine Armored Carrier is the Overwatch and Civil Protection's main mode of land transportation. It is powerful, manueverable, and fast enough to catch any resistence vehicle. It is armed with a mounted, belt fed AR2 Pulse Rifle (no secondary fire) and a guided missle launcher that fires from a port in the top. Missiles only track objects of the Large size or over.

Tracking missiles can follow a target for up to 120ft before detonating. Missiles deal 5d6 damage each. The target can make a reflex save for half damage DC 15.

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